About Us

EnGlobe Corp. is a worldwide leader in soil, materials and environmental engineering. Our clients are in public administration, in business and industry in Canada, the Northeastern United States, the United Kingdom and France. We offer our services through our various Canadian corporate divisions and subsidiaries:

  • Biogénie (Canada, United States, Europe) and Celtic Technologies (United Kingdom) specializing in contaminated site assessment and rehabilitation,
  • Biogénie (Canada), specializing in management of organic waste materials (supported by GSI Environnement and Les Composts du Québec)
  • Biogénie (United States and Europe) and Solution Soil Treatment Facility (Québec and Ontario), specializing in contaminated soil treatment in one of our 22 contaminated soil treatment facilities, and
  • Tanknology, specializing in precision leak testing of underground and aboveground fuel storage tanks as well as the calibration of metering equipment at retail service stations.
  • LVM, specializing in soil and materials engineering, environmental engineering, building science and supply chain quality.
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