Englobe wins the Coeur Vert (Green Heart) award at the 2022 Distinctions gala

May 19, 2022

We are thrilled to have won a Coeur Vert (Green Heart) award at the 2022 Distinctions gala, awarded by Réseau environnement during the Salon des technologies environnementales du Québec. This award highlights the actions and strategies in human resources management, for the implementation of best practices in their field, and in recognition of the efforts made to further develop employees.    


Daring to make tangible and practical changes that improve the future is no small task. We couldn’t do it without our employees who are the driving force behind our achievements. 

Our values at the forefront  

Over the past year, Englobe completed a full rebranding exercise. This process gave us the opportunity to go back to the basics and ask ourselves who we are and who we want to be.  


Radical caring 

Empowering transparency  

Optimism first, always  

All for one, one for all 

Positive intrapreneurship  

These simple, grounded values are our guide, the link that unites us, that sets us apart. We want them to define our actions, to propel us, to animate us, to lead us to see and do things differently and to innovate every day.  


And for us, this exercise is just the beginning of our journey to redesign the employee experience. The Coeur Vert (Green Heart) award recognizes the first steps in this journey, which began in 2021. This is a long-term effort and various programs continue to be implemented to provide our employees with a work environment that offers everyone the opportunity to excel.  


We are stronger together 

It is often said that alone we go faster, but together we go further. We take pride in collaborating with local communities and welcoming diversity. We firmly believe that it is by working together and exchanging ideas that we will build a better future, not only for our employees but for future generations.


In addition to attracting the best talent from all walks of life to address the severe labour shortage our industry is experiencing; our desire is to make a lasting difference in the communities we serve while also creating a culture of respect and inclusivity at work. But accomplishing all this requires passion and creativity, a quality and skill our human resources team masters well.  


A global firm with a local footprint  

Adapting to local realities is an integral part of how we do business. We go the extra mile by creating strategic partnerships and joint venture agreements, creating jobs and providing on-the-job training opportunities that benefit the community and the region.  


Englobe is a company with a local, national and international reach whose teams actively work to create a positive impact on the world around us, because we are agents of change. What makes us different? Our care for others and our unwavering commitment to making a difference one project at a time, because every project counts. 


Englobe is one of Canada’s premier firms specializing in professional engineering services, environmental sciences, and soil and biomass treatment.