Health and Safety

At Englobe, the health and safety of our employees is our top priority. We put health and safety first at all times and in every part of our company, from our soil treatment and biomass reclamation facilities to our laboratories and many sites in the field.   

Today will be a safe day.

We have instilled a high level of staff awareness about workplace risks. For us, making sure our employees adopt safe work habits and behaviours every day is critical.  


We know that safety is about always paying close and careful attention to planning, training and inspection. We’re proud of the hard work of all our employees, and of our sterling track record, which has earned us numerous awards as well as ISO 45001 certification at most of our facilities. This internationally recognized standard attests to the quality of the system we’ve put in place to prevent work-related incidents and illnesses, meet legal requirements and continuously improve our management system. Englobe has adopted a strict policy and framework program in keeping with this certification.  


We also have a highly specialized full-time occupational health and safety advisory team to help our operational units reach their OHS objectives and ultimately see to the well-being of all our employees. 

At Englobe, all employees receive a weekly work safety tip by email every Monday morning. It’s an important reminder that spells things out in black and white. As leaders, we have a responsibility to talk with our employees, ask questions and address potentially risky situations. That’s how we contribute to Englobe’s goal of zero incidents.
Peter Allaby, Senior Vice President of Operations, Ontario and Atlantic Canada, Englobe