Innovation & Development

At Englobe, innovation and development are two important priorities. Our stimulating work environment motivates our teams to innovate, both in their work processes and the solutions we offer our customers. 

Moved by creativity

Our teams are selected for their expertise and curiosity, and they always give it their all. From literature reviews to laboratory and pilot testing, and commercialization, we do our utmost to improve existing technologies and support our customers’ strategic initiatives as they develop new markets. 


In addition to our research laboratory, we have a manufacturing workshop that allows us to reproduce, on a small or large scale, a wide variety of solutions for a wide variety of fields: soils, water and contaminated air treatment, residual material management and treatment, soil and materials engineering, building inspection, roofing, steel structures, and underground tanks and pipes. 


Because at the end of the day, nothing is more satisfying than doing things better.