Englobe and Demix celebrate new treatment centre opening in Laval

October 18, 2021

Englobe and Demix, a division of CRH Canada Group Inc. (CRH Canada) entered into a partnership agreement for the construction and operation of a soil treatment centre at the Laval quarry site. It’s with pleasure that Englobe celebrates its grand opening today!


Built on the quarry site operated by Demix, the new facility will boost Englobe’s treatment capacity by +/- 50,000 metric tons annually. As a result, Englobe will be able to offer its customers more options and more convenient access to its services in the Greater Montreal area, where they already rely on facilities in the east end and L’Épiphanie (Vitaliterre).


CRH Canada is one of the country’s largest vertically integrated materials and construction companies. A member of CRH plc, the company produces and supplies materials and innovative solutions for cement, aggregates, concrete and construction projects on all types of worksites in Canada, the Great Lakes region and the northern United States.


In addition to gaining access to the treatment centre and to the material used in its quarry rehabilitation operations, Demix will benefit from a vast network of customers and contacts in the regions and markets Englobe serves. For Englobe, the partnership is a testimony to innovation.


“This agreement is beneficial not only for Demix and Englobe but also for the industry as a whole, broadening our opportunities for contaminated soil treatment services with this first facility north of Montreal ,” explained Louis Côté, General Manager, Englobe. “Together, we want to work towards finding sustainable, innovative and responsible solutions for the treatment of contaminated soils.”

Englobe is recognized as Canada’s leader in the fields of environmental management, engineering, and asset integrity and quality management.