Englobe’s Victoria Circle named International Roundabout of the Year by UK group

January 20, 2022

Englobe is proud to have led the design for the Victoria Circle in Fredericton, New Brunswick which was recently recognized as the International Roundabout of the Year by the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society. Victoria Circle is a multi-lane roundabout in downtown Fredericton that replaced a problematic signalized intersection. Completed in the Fall of 2019, the roundabout has become a gateway feature to the downtown core and has helped reduce traffic congestion and collisions. Englobe team members have been involved in the project since 2010, when the idea for the roundabout was first conceived and were responsible for the project’s subsequent operational analysis, functional planning, and detailed design.


It’s rewarding to see international recognition for a project that has had such a positive impact on the community. These are just the types of local projects Englobe is proud to be a part of and hopes to continue being a part of for years to come.

Peter Allaby, Vice-President of Operations for Englobe in Atlantic Canada.

A new focal point for the city

Victoria Circle also features a modern art sculpture entitled Blue Circle, created by artist Marlene Hilton Moore, who grew up in Fredericton. The installation represents the St. John River and features two large semi-circles, which serve as the north and south side of the city. The artwork also includes a five-metre diameter circle that rises around three metres above the ground supported by a central post. The half-circles, made of aluminum, also feature metallic blue aerospace paint with laser-cut circles illuminated with natural light during the day and LED lights at night. (Source: CBC)

Congratulations to everyone involved on this well-deserved recognition!

Want to know more about this award and the history behind the Roundabout Appreciation Society? Listen to the CBC’s Information Morning podcast interview with Society President, Kevin Beresford.

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