BEAHR training program: A unique way to forge ties with indigenous communities

October 13, 2021

Englobe is the only Quebec firm with certified instructors to carry out BEAHR training, and is looking to expand its offering of instructors and training in both official languages across Canada.


ECO Canada’s BEAHR programs are community-based, First Nations-directed training programs that enable students to develop and acquire skills essential to the requirements of the Canadian environmental sector. These training modules not only stimulate  employment in the community, but also enable its members to better understand and respond quickly to environmental issues related to the construction and operation of major projects.


The strength of the program lies in the combination of traditional and scientific knowledge. The learning methods, applied largely out in the field, are highly appreciated skills acquired by the students. Englobe can therefore offer its clients in various industries (mining, ports, hydro-electric, forestry, etc.), the opportunity to network with local Indigenous communities, by actively participating in the professional development of the local Indigenous workforce.


In partnership with these communities, Englobe can also offer its turnkey management services for a BEAHR training project, from grant application to the teaching of the modules themselves. Englobe can even accompany those communities who want to obtain the necessary knowledge, in developing an environmental project on their territory.

Englobe is one of Canada’s premier firms specializing in professional engineering services, environmental sciences, and soil and biomass treatment.