40 years of dedicated service: A career marked by innovation and passion for composting

Ginette Coulombe, Eco-products Manager at Englobe, is celebrating her 40th year of service. Over the last few decades, Ginette has played a key role in the development of our company and has contributed significantly to our success. We had the chance to chat with her to find out more about her passion for composting, and what inspired her to continue her career at Englobe after so many years

What projects have impressed you most during your career at Englobe?


One of the aspects that impressed me most was Englobe's ability to adapt to the different organic materials available on the market over the years, while maintaining high quality standards. From using surplus hog manure and other types of manure in the early days, to integrating organic residues from paper mills, biosolids and organic matter from brown bins, Englobe has successfully diversified its composting activities.

I've also had the opportunity to contribute to several major projects, such as supplying soil for the Centre Vidéotron in Quebec City, building part of the Champlain boulevard, creating a park with water fountains on the south shore of Lévis, and supplying soil for several municipal parks in Sherbrooke, including the residential park at Lac-Mégantic.


Where does your passion for composting come from?


First and foremost, what motivates me about composting is the positive impact it has on the environment. I’m proud to help divert materials from landfill to create beneficial soil for communities. Whether it is for commercial, residential or municipal landscaping, I am a firm believer in preserving the environment through composting. Although I can't compost at home due to the constraints of my region, I benefit from the collection of brown bins in the city of Lévis, which makes composting easier. Since I work in the field, I’m in a good position to know what does and doesn't go in the bin.


What is your best memory from your 40 years of service?


Of all the highlights of my career, my best memory is winning the contract to supply Canadian Tire for all of Quebec and eastern Ontario. This contract was a major turning point and enabled us to position ourselves as a major supplier of bagged products. Despite the doubts of some competitors, our team successfully rose to the challenge, and this first year of collaboration has been a gratifying experience and a fine example of teamwork. 

I am proud to work for a company that surrounds itself with the right people, both in terms of their knowledge and their values. Throughout the company, you can feel a real team spirit and a desire to succeed. All this has made me want to stay with Englobe for as long as I have.

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