Celebrating World Environment Day – Be part of #GenerationRestoration

June 4, 2021

June 5th is World Environment Day, an observance established by the United Nations to encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment.  


The day acts as an important milestone for the global conversation about the commitments and actions we all have to take to protect our environment.  


Englobe is proud to add its voice to the global conversation and raise awareness of its role and expertise in reviving and protecting our ecosystems.   


As a Canadian leader in applied sciences, particularly in the fields of environment, geosciences, and materials engineering, our team of 2,600 expertshelps implement sustainable development strategies and ensures the safety and improved quality of the environment and the spaces in which we live. 

Be part of #GenerationRestoration 


With this year’s theme, Ecosystem Restoration, our leaders take the lead and share how their teams are part of #GenerationRestoration. 


“Building a more sustainable world for all takes will, talent and a real and deep caring for one another! Three key ingredients that we cultivate and place at the heart of each of our projects. Even before the expression “sustainable development” became widespread, Englobe was already developing sustainable solutions for environmental compliance and management, as well as sustainable equipment and materials. For us, sustainability is not a choice, but the very essence of our raison d’être.” Alain Robichaud, Co-President Englobe  


“Never have the consequences of human activity been so perceptible and concrete for populations. The expertise acquired by Englobe over the past 60 years is more relevant than ever. We are proud to contribute to the realization of multidisciplinary projects as well as to the safety and improvement of the quality of the environment and living conditions.” Mike Cormier, Co-President Englobe   


“Englobe’s specialized services have an enviable position in the supply chain for the production of green energy such as hydroelectricity. Our projects aim to ensure the highest quality standards in the manufacturing of energy production and transformation equipment. Our interventions promote increased reliability and efficiency, thus contributing to optimized investments and sustainable development.” Fréderic Lefebvre, Vice President, Specialized Services  


“Our teams always choose an approach that aims to support clients, involve the community in decision-making, develop environmental management capacity and share technological knowledge. By ensuring a good level of integration in the communities where Englobe conducts its operations, we are considered a full-fledged corporate citizen, attentive to its community and committed to it. This is our vision of sustainable development.” François Santerre, Senior Vice President, Geosciences – Materials – Environment Quebec  


“Our teams across Ontario work hard to deliver sustainable, environmental project solutions. Whether performing site assessments, consulting on remediation, helping to protecting threatened and endangered species, or ensuring appropriate waste diversion during building decommissioning, our experts work safely to minimize social and environmental impacts in our communities. Mike Cormier, Geosciences – Materials – Environment, Ontario (interim)  


“From stewarding the sustainable recycling of construction material waste and paper products through effective environmental management, we continually strive to identify and mitigate the potential environmental repercussions of our operations. Our materials testing laboratories process approximately 100 metric tons (mt) of Portland Cement Concrete and 5 mt of Asphaltic Concrete products every year. In the past, those waste materials would go straight into landfills while now, they are sorted on-site and transported to select recycling facilities to be transformed into graded aggregate material for re-use in road construction. Nazim Lalani, Vice President Operations, Geosciences – Materials – Environment, Western Canada


“Englobe Atlantic is proud to work in fields that help to revive and protect our environment. From environmental site assessments to efficient stormwater and wastewater management, and sustainable transportation solutions, we contribute everyday to protecting our resources and designing for a more sustainable future. Peter Allaby, Vice President Operations, Atlantic Canada  


“Our contribution to sustainable development can easily be summed up in a few words: We regenerate the Earth. By decontaminating soils and processing organic materials, we contribute to a sustainable world by reusing materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Louis Côté, General Manager, Organics and Soil Treatment Centers, Canada  


“Celtic through design and innovation strive to deliver sustainable technical remediation of sites aimed at minimal off-site disposal and optimal materials re-use. This approach has been developed over the company’s history and today allows legacy sites from industrial and commercial use to be developed for the benefit of current and future communities. In Biogénie, we operate five fixed Soil Treatment Facilities in the UK where contaminated soils and solid wastes are recycled for beneficial use.” Julia Roberts, General Manager, UK 

Englobe is one of Canada’s premier firms specializing in professional engineering services, environmental sciences, and soil and biomass treatment.