Climate change analysis: a cohesive and unique service offering at Englobe

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November 1, 2021

Last month, Englobe created a new team with a service offering that is, frankly, not so new. In fact, this offering represents the culmination of decades of dedication to improving our climate footprint, but we just hadn’t brought it together under one name yet.


Our new Climate Change team spans a variety of expertise related to soils, ecology, carbon budgets, geomatics, and atmospheric sciences. Most recently, the team welcomed a director of expertise, Patrick Grenier, from Ouranos, the prestigious Quebec research consortium on regional climatology and adaptation to climate change.


“Englobe’s priority, and mine, is to address the environmental challenges facing the world through positive action in our communities,” says Patrick, “And our goal goes beyond simply keeping pace with this increasingly competitive industry, as we continue to cement our position as leaders.”


Currently, our analyses span several highly specialized areas, with more to be added soon:

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) balance calculations
  • Atmospheric modeling
  • National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) calculations
  • In-situ emissions detection (GHG emissions from hydroelectric reservoirs, gas leaks from pipelines, linear energy transfer – LET emissions, etc.)
  • Climate change optics
  • Climate change adaptation plans
  • Climate change impact assessment
  • Carbon footprint calculations for businesses
  • Carbon sequestration: combined solutions for carbon sink projects (calculation of reductions related to revegetation), based on the activities of our soil treatment facility.

“The planet is undergoing incredible changes, the likes of which we have never seen before! All we can do is adapt and try to mitigate some of the damage that may still be reversible,” says Jean-François Bourque, Director of Environmental and Climate Change Studies and biologist, “Ultimately, that’s what Englobe has always done: assess the human impact on our natural resources and find ways to rehabilitate and revegetate these environments. Having the right people on board is critical to continuing to innovate.”


Needless to say, the team is thrilled to now have Patrick on board, and hopes to continue to accomplish great things for the environment and our communities!

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