Customer service at Englobe: our values in action

At Englobe, customer service is composed of a distinctive, unique blend of values, expertise and passionate people. With its recent recognition for customer service excellence through the BOMA Pinnacle Award, our Building Science team is uniquely positioned to speak to Englobe's competitive edge in this area.

This professional family has developed a recipe for success founded on its rich values, along with a collaborative culture based on trust and safety. Through their caring, open and supportive spirit, these team members make a real difference every day in the communities they serve, while forging new paths for clients seeking their services for the first time.


Radical caring

These professionals’ genuine, sincere interest in their clients manifests itself through their singular dedication and a highly tailored service which is greatly appreciated. Their rigour, passion and thorough knowledge of their industry, coupled with a sensitive and empathetic approach, allow team members to progress at their clients’ pace, make thoughtful recommendations, and demonstrate a deep understanding of customer issues.

Property owners often experience issues that are critical and can severely impact their operations. The Building Science team is driven by the same sense of urgency as its clients, which allows the team to rapidly and efficiently identify custom solutions.

First and foremost, these professionals are always available and easy to reach, an added value that makes a huge difference to their clients. For instance, this exceptional team makes itself available during off-peak time slots to support its clients in emergency situations, typically within 24 hours. “It's who we are,” says René Hébert, Senior Project Manager. “Our customers and our communities inspire us, which is why we're easy to access and to contact. We respond quickly, which makes a real difference.”

All for one and one for all

The team’s rich, varied expertise also results in tremendous versatility. For each mandate, they quickly mobilize and assign the best available resources, based on their areas of interest and specialization. This pooling of knowledge is made possible through the team’s deeply-rooted culture of collaboration, which is particularly important to both the team and to Englobe.

It’s a culture founded on trust and respect, where everyone can freely share ideas and opinions, secure in the knowledge that they will be heard without judgment. According to Director of Operations Christine Beaulieu, “We’re comfortable with each other. When there’s important information to share or in emergency situations, we’re not afraid to communicate with each other and take necessary action.” This silo-free approach translates into a free exchange of knowledge and expertise within the group and enables everyone to grow within a lively learning environment.


Empowering transparency

Transparency is key in the Englobe Building Science team’s day to day operations. This approach not only gives the team strength; it also builds trust between team members and with clients.

To avoid potential confusion, the customer receives a comprehensive, detailed project outline at the outset of any mandate, along with clear, meticulous updates and follow-ups upon completion of each project milestone. This way, the client is always kept informed of recent developments and major findings.

This approach inspires trust and a sense of being fully supported every step of the way, a tailored and carefully crafted process which is seemingly unique in this market. The team continuously refines this approach to maintain its singular and highly regarded cachet.  

In short, through its well-structured project monitoring processes, caring and supportive spirit, and clear, straightforward and bold communication, Englobe is making a real difference in its communities and for its clients - one project at a time.

Englobe is recognized as Canada’s leader in the fields of environmental management, engineering, and asset integrity and quality management.