Dare to do things differently

At Englobe, we believe in the power of the small gesture, and understand that every initiative, regardless of size, can make a positive difference.


We have learned that what really matters is having the courage to challenge, question, and ultimately share alternative ideas, or ways of doing. This can be as grandiose as a new system or as simple, yet meaningful, as a new community partnership.

Aligning with our vision, Englobe recently partnered with Indigenous artist Kevin Belmore to create a custom art piece for a very special project.


Kevin is an Ojibwe Artist from Gull Bay First Nation located in the Thunder Bay District in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Feeling the need to express himself artistically since he was a young boy, Kevin has been using his gift to create and share his creative work with others for decades.

Touched by our value of radical caring, Kevin was inspired to create ‘Caring’ a beautiful piece that features a black bear carefully carrying other travelers on its back. Everything from the animals to the selected colours, the piece conjures a feeling of calm and visually presents our value of caring in a dynamic and unique way.


The piece at its core represents the strength of community and reminds us that we are not alone. It was an honour to work with Kevin for this project, and to share the custom piece he created for us with all of you.

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