A day in the Englobe life of Kasandra Gauthier, Materials Technician in North Bay, Ontario

March 10, 2022

Kasandra Gauthier has been working for Englobe since 2015, when she was hired two weeks before her college graduation. Born in Moosonee and raised in in Sturgeon Falls, Kasandra was excited to obtain a position in a smaller office close to her home. “Englobe was a good fit. I’m a mother, which means I have a busy home life. The North Bay office provided a workplace close to home that would help me achieve balance between my work and home life,” she notes.


Englobe’s diverse working environment was also a huge selling point for Kasandra. “When you think about women in this field, you think you’re going to be surrounded by men, which has never been the case here. It’s always been a half and half, female to male ratio. It’s very refreshing to see!” With her First Nations background, Kasandra is also especially pleased to be involved in Englobe projects in Indigenous and Northern communities.


A broad range of projects and opportunities


In her work, Kasandra has been trained in the field, the lab and the office. She sees her role as mainly supportive, helping wherever her skills are needed. “I’m mostly in the field, doing anything from roofing inspections to materials testing or concrete compaction testing. Sometimes it could mean starting off a project as the first person on site, doing subgrade inspections. My job is constantly changing, which is what makes it so exciting!”


Most recently, Kasandra has worked on compaction at the processing plant under construction at the Detour Gold Lake mine in Cochrane, Ontario. “For the past month and a half, I’ve been doing compaction for the processing plant that’s going up. It’s my first mine site, so it’s a whole new experience for me. And although I do work alone in the field, I’m very happy and confident that if I ever need something, backup and support are just a call away.”


The opportunity to work on a wide scope of projects – from dam sites to power generating stations, hospital projects and road drilling – really appeals to her. “It’s definitely been an awesome job so far because I haven’t seen anything like the work I do for Englobe out there, in a small-town setting.”

Exciting projects in a supportive environment


For Kasandra, Englobe is truly the right fit. “What I like most is the people I work with: the atmosphere here in North Bay is very much a family unit. Englobe has always been very flexible and supportive. The opportunities are endless, and you can pick where you want to work, and what you want to do,” she concludes.


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Englobe has always been very flexible and supportive. The opportunities are endless, and you can pick where you want to work, and what you want to do.

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