Moved by community

At Englobe, we recognize the value and significance of mutual respect, understanding, and positive collaboration with our First Nations partners. We are a strong believer in community engagement and providing opportunities for the youth of our project partners.


Our team in Sudbury has a long-standing working relationship with Mattagami First Nation (MFN) and seize every chance to give back to the community, from sponsoring events, like the annual Ice Fishing Derby, to providing hiring opportunities to community members.


As a commitment to the youth of MFN, Englobe arranged a 3-day lacrosse camp hosted by Nationwide Lacrosse at the Mattagami Recreational Centre located on Mattagami First Nation, Ontario.


“Our relationship with Mattagami is important to us. Bringing these events to them makes a big impact and gives us the chance get to know the people of the community.” James Ross, Project Manager, Team Lead

The Clinic was coached by professional lacrosse players from the National Lacrosse League.


During the Clinic the coaches spoke of the origins of lacrosse and the strong indigenous roots in the “medicine game”, the importance of sports, and all the different experiences and opportunities they have been a part of because of Lacrosse. The youth of MFN learned about all the essential lacrosse skills needed to play and the importance of teamwork.


“This is the second year we’ve hosted this event at Mattagami. It’s great to see the youth of the community get involved with the sport of lacrosse, and I hope that they will continue to develop the skills that they’ve learned from this event.”


At Englobe believe that sharing knowledge and supporting our communities will help us build a sustainable legacy for future generations. Thank you to Nationwide Lacrosse for working with us on this community workshop.

It’s great to see the youth of the community get involved with the sport of lacrosse.

James Ross, Project Manager, Team Lead

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