Paying it forward: Dawit’s Story

February 24, 2022

At Englobe, we believe our core value of caring and our commitment to developing our talented employees’ careers are key elements in our growth and success.


For Dawit Amar, proud father, mentor and seasoned Materials Team Lead in our Toronto office, these values are an important reason why he’s so enthusiastic about Englobe, and eager to mentor young professionals in the engineering industry.


A skilled young professional with global credentials


Dawit grew up in Eritrea and gained his early professional experience as a consultant and technician in the Middle East and Sudan. He then left Africa to pursue higher education in England and the United States.


After gaining valuable international expertise on numerous projects, he and his young family moved to Canada in 1995. With his 15-plus years of international experience, sharp technical skills and enthusiastic attitude, Dawit secured a position at Englobe within a month of his arrival.

Being a part of the change


In his decades with the company, Dawit has seen numerous changes at Englobe. Initially, it was a small, private consulting company of only 10 people, which grew steadily to about 60 staff members. In the ensuing years, the Englobe team continued to expand, growing to its current roster of 2,800 people. 


While it hasn’t always been easy, Dawit believes Englobe’s values of caring and open-mindedness are crucial both to the company’s overall growth, but also to retaining its skilled people. “I can see how open we are to our employees’ ideas, how encouraging we are, and how we care for their personal growth. If you treat your people fairly and they realize they can confide in you and you understand them, they will stay longer. And I’m so glad to be a part of that process,” he notes.


Longevity and stability


For Dawit, the longevity of his Englobe career has meant greater job stability, a key element as his family grew. Today, he’s eager to pay it forward by mentoring young talents to be equally patient and diligent. “I tell my younger staff and trainees that even though you graduate from university and have degrees, it still takes time to build a career. You have to be patient, listen, learn and eventually, good things will come.”


“The support and communications provided by the Human Resources team prove that Englobe is keen to help their employees grow their skills and talents.”


This empathetic attitude has paid off in the long service records of many members of Dawit’s team. “I’m happy here, and I try and make sure that my team is also happy, both professionally and on a personal level. Taking care of your employees is everything. I take a great interest in their wellbeing, and I am always here for them if they want to share what’s on their minds. Some have been with me for 18 or 20 years and I know they appreciate this support.”


Dawit believes that Englobe’s continued growth and its greater visibility (through initiatives like its newly-launched brand) will translate to good things happening in the future – and he plans to be part of this growth. “I see something’s coming for Englobe. People will realize this company is a great place to work.”

I can see how open we are to our employees’ ideas, how encouraging we are, and how we care for their personal growth.

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