Soil loves compost, and we love both !

At Englobe, we love soil and compost and have been producing both in Canada for over 40 years - long before brown bin collections started! Annually, we produce more than 250,000 cubic yards (± 191,000 m3) of compost and soil mixes from our 3 facilities.


Compost is the main ingredient in the potting soils we manufacture. We consider compost an extra special component because it is a renewable resource produced entirely through recycling.


To celebrate International Compost Awareness week, we wanted to show our love for compost and soil by sharing composting facts focused on the question: why does soil love compost?




Fact # 1: Compost enhances life in the soil by adding beneficial bacteria and fungi to the soil ecosystem. End result? Healthier, more productive soil!


Fact # 2: Compost is a better soil amendment than fertilizer! It acts as a reservoir for plants by stocking nutrients, minerals, and water and is a great source of organic carbon and macro and micronutrients. End result? Healthier plants!


Fact # 3: Healthy soil, regularly enhanced with compost, allows better water infiltration and retention! End result? Thriving ecosystems – community gardens, farmland, home gardens, etc.


Bonus fun fact: This may not surprise you, but composting is for everyone, and many people compost at home, helping to cut down on household waste. What you probably didn’t know is that it’s the people who home compost who most frequently buy it! Wonder why? Because once you discover the benefits of compost, you never have enough!


So, have we piqued your interest in compost yet? To learn even more about the benefits of compost for the health of soils, plants, flowers, trees, and ecosystems, visit our website!


You will find information on all the benefits of the compost we included in the potting soils produced at our composting centers.  Each product is designed for a specific use, according to national standards: lawns, planting, vegetable gardens, etc., and they can be found at any of our distributors!

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