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Partner with our building engineers to create spaces where people want to work, shop, and live.

Successful building projects, on time and on budget for all our clients.

Englobe has extensive experience in plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and fire protection systems design in commercial, institutional, manufacturing, light industrial, retail and multi-unit residential facilities. We have provided building design and management services to both the public and private sectors, including development of district heating, service tunnels, office buildings, pumping stations, water treatment plants, national franchises for both retail and food service, high-rise residential properties, schools, hospitals, hotels, car dealerships and process facilities. 


We provide clients and building owners with the mechanical system they need for cost efficiency, manageable operating costs, and long-term functionality. Our goal is to create a system that is so seamless the people inside do not notice it at all. Ultimately, we make our clients look good. Our team-based approach continues to provide successful projects on time and on budget for all our clients.  

An unparalleled combination of building design expertise and experience.

We can provide the integrated building design services to meet our commercial, industrial and residential sector clients needs. We’ll help you develop, design and build flexible, multipurpose residential spaces that promote comfort and relaxation, commercial facilities that nurture productivity and collaboration, and industrial installations where human health and safety are of paramount importance. 


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A vibrant commercial space is a great barometer of the overall health of a community. We can help you add more life into this vital sector.  

Englobe’s experienced professionals support commercial business managers in designing, building, maintaining and servicing assets, and in decommissioning operations for a broad range of different projects. Our specialized real estate services range from impact assessments and applications for municipal and environmental authorizations through exploration, investigation, inspection, project analysis and property design, control, assessment and supervision. We also have extensive technical expertise in soil treatment and remediation, as well as general contractor services. 


Our team is equally comfortable working with major national clients. 



Public buildings are the heart of our communities. Englobe focuses on its ability to have an impact, one great project at a time.

The Englobe team understands that great public buildings, from health care, to seniors housing, to community centres, sports facilities to museums and art galleries, our building science engineers and professionals help our clients make our communities better.

Our team has provided engineering services in the planning and development of thousands of acres of industrial parks and residential land for many Canadian and international clients. Given our breadth of experience, this discipline has become a specialty service at Englobe.  


Our team works closely with local and provincial agencies to identify the specific type(s) of industries being targeted. Our extensive site evaluation includes topographical surveys, geotechnical investigations, zoning reviews, municipal growth patterns, identification of all existing utilities, services and transportation systems, as well as meticulous attention to all environmental impacts. Once a site has been secured, our team prepares a development plan identifying proposed lots, and a service plan for transportation routes and utilities.   


Finally, our Englobe team delivers complete design engineering services as well as contract administration for the development of the industrial park or residential subdivision.  

Our Englobe team is dedicated to working alongside all other disciplines to provide solutions that meet both the project’s structural criteria and its architectural vision. We have a keen understanding of the vital role engineering plays on the building’s overall layout, and have crafted a uniquely holistic approach to structure.   


For standard multi-unit residential properties, our philosophy is to strive for energy efficiency and green features - a win-win for everyone.   


We also offer planning, design, project, and construction management services for residential subdivisions, neighbourhoods, multi-family site developments, mixed-use communities, and urban villages. Our ultimate goal is to create comfortable, durable spaces for people living in the multi-unit residences we engineer.  


Learning environments shape and enhance students’ experience. That’s why we design these environments with the end user in mind. 


Well-designed educational spaces foster engagement. That’s why our Englobe team designs inspired environments for the 21st century learner – nurturing spaces that focus on and enable the care, safety and development of our children, young adults and lifelong learners. 


Schools are high-use facilities, and their lifespan serves their communities for years to come. Our extensive experience in designing education facilities for school divisions and post-secondary institutions also means we thoughtfully integrate sustainable design elements. Our team’s educational designs are built to evolve and last, and will continuously adapt to the new needs of students and emerging technologies. 

Healthcare facilities must be both functional workplaces and comfortable, private spaces for patients. We can help you seamlessly integrate these dual purposes.  


With our years of experience designing doctors’ and specialists’ offices, medical centres, and dental clinics, the Englobe team keenly understands these complex needs. We incorporate the specialized equipment these spaces require into our electrical, mechanical, and structural designs to provide bright, functional spaces that staff and patients appreciate. 


From proper air circulation to pleasant humidity levels and specialized lab requirements, our expertise – along with that of specialized consultant partners, if required – will keep these facilities clean, safe, functional and calm. Patient comfort is equally important. That’s why we engineer tailored solutions for our healthcare buildings that provide safe, private, functional layouts in which all users can enjoy and take comfort. 

Communities depend on their institutions. We can help you ensure their longevity and sustainability.  


Government buildings like courthouses, government offices, town halls, and military buildings are central to a community’s identity. These high-use, multi-purpose institutions must endure through time, as a legacy to future generations of residents. 


Our Englobe team has significant experience designing and renovating institutional facilities. More importantly, our past work has given us a profound understanding of these buildings’ significance within the communities they serve. 


We embark on these projects with sensitivity and rigour, ensuring they’re built with longevity in mind. We focus on functionality and accessibility, to deliver inclusive spaces that foster long-term use and appreciation by all community members.  


Our design philosophy aligns perfectly with that of our government clients, who are increasingly keen on including sustainable design elements and practices in these projects. Not only does this demonstrate environmental leadership, but it also helps these spaces adapt to evolving needs over time. 

We're with you every step of the way.

The Englobe team has decades of experience in supporting building projects – from reimagining a parcel of land to refurbishing complex industrial facilities. Our skilled professionals can carry out a host of assessments, design engineering services and advisory roles to protect investments, provide outstanding quality of life, and meet the complex needs of investors, developers, owners and occupants.   

We’re passionate about building communities – one project at a time.