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Community Infrastructure

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At Englobe, we’re committed to helping our communities flourish – today and in the future.

Protecting the health of our communities is important to you – and to us. We have the experience and knowhow to keep communities safe.

With over 50 years of experience in the government and community infrastructure market, our team delivers innovative multidisciplinary services for public buildings, streets, and services. Our team’s expertise spans feasibility and planning, detailed design, construction management as well as health and safety inspections (including asbestos and air quality) and quality control services. As a trusted advisor, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to identify and secure sources of funding to bring their important projects from concept to reality.


At Englobe, we are particularly proud of our long-standing relationships with First Nation communities. Together, we work as partners to build safe and sustainable infrastructure for present and future generations.



of continuous activity in the government and community infrastructure market.


of proven community and infrastructure experience. We’re dedicated to offering tailored, innovative solutions that address real needs while protecting people and the environment.

Fields of Expertise

Learning environments shape and enhance students’ experience. That’s why we design these environments with the end user in mind.


Well-designed educational spaces foster engagement. That’s why our Englobe team designs inspired environments for the 21st century learner – nurturing spaces that focus on and enable the care, safety and development of our children, young adults and lifelong learners.


Schools are high-use facilities, and their lifespan serves their communities for years to come. Our extensive experience in designing education facilities for school divisions and post-secondary institutions also means we thoughtfully integrate sustainable design elements. Our team’s educational designs are built to evolve and last, and will continuously adapt to the new needs of students and emerging technologies.


Healthcare facilities must be both functional workplaces and comfortable, private spaces for patients. We can help you seamlessly integrate these dual purposes. 


With our years of experience designing doctors’ and specialists’ offices, medical centres, and dental clinics, the Englobe team keenly understands these complex needs. We incorporate the specialized equipment these spaces require into our electrical, mechanical, and structural designs to provide bright, functional spaces that staff and patients appreciate.


From proper air circulation to pleasant humidity levels and specialized lab requirements, our expertise – along with that of specialized consultant partners, if required – will keep these facilities clean, safe, functional and calm. Patient comfort is equally important. That’s why we engineer tailored solutions for our healthcare buildings that provide safe, private, functional layouts in which all users can enjoy and take comfort.


Communities depend on their institutions. We can help you ensure their longevity and sustainability. 


Government buildings like courthouses, government offices, town halls, and military buildings are central to a community’s identity. These high-use, multipurpose institutions must endure through time, as a legacy to future generations of residents.


Our Englobe team has significant experience designing and renovating institutional facilities. More importantly, our past work has given us a profound understanding of these buildings’ significance within the communities they serve.


We embark on these projects with sensitivity and rigour, ensuring they’re built with longevity in mind. We focus on functionality and accessibility, to deliver inclusive spaces that foster long-term use and appreciation by all community members. 


Our design philosophy aligns perfectly with that of our government clients, who are increasingly keen on including sustainable design elements and practices in these projects. Not only does this demonstrate environmental leadership, but it also helps these spaces adapt to evolving needs over time.


Communities depend on their water supply. Our wastewater experts will help you protect and preserve this crucial resource. 


Our Englobe team provides municipal and industrial wastewater treatment services intended to both protect our environment and minimize all risks to human health. Our experienced engineers and professionals also develop and design potable water treatment facilities - including disinfection – to safeguard our communities’ vital potable water supply.


Our experts carefully evaluate treatment objectives to select the most appropriate, cost-effective system possible. Multiple factors, including lifecycle costs, sensitivity to power rates, as well as land requirements, expansion potential and aesthetics, are considered, to determine the best possible solution for our clients’ specific needs.


With proven expertise in water treatment solutions ranging from sand filtration and UV disinfection to ultra-pure reverse osmosis and ion exchange water treatment, our team is skilled in designing and managing contracts for sewage lagoons (both aerated and non-aerated) as well as mechanical treatment plants, engineered wetlands, and other projects.


We're with you every step of the way.

At Englobe, we care about our communities – after all, we live in them, too. Our vision is simple: we want community buildings, natural features and infrastructure that endure, providing a lasting, sustainable legacy for future generations – as they have for us.


More than ever, it’s crucial that we support our communities’ growth while also mitigating environmental and social impacts. Our adapted, visionary professional services will help you do just that. 


We’re proud of the more than fifty years of expertise and service we’ve provided to countless municipalities, First Nations communities, and governments at every level. Our team has the skills, passion and determination to provide innovative, tailored solutions to advance any community-focused project.