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Our goal is to drive client project success. We work closely with you to support you every step of the way.

Our team based approach continues to provide successful projects on time and on budget for all our clients.

Englobe has extensive experience in plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and fire protection systems design in commercial, institutional, manufacturing, light industrial, retail and multi-unit residential facilities. We have provided design and management services to both the public and private sectors, including development of district heating, service tunnels, office buildings, pumping stations, water treatment plants, national franchises for both retail and food service, high-rise residential properties, schools, hospitals, hotels, car dealerships and process facilities. We provide clients and building owners with the mechanical system they need for cost efficiency, manageable operating costs, and long-term functionality. Our goal is to create a system that is so seamless the people inside do not notice it at all. Ultimately, we make our clients look good. Our team-based approach continues to provide successful projects on time and on budget for all our clients.

Fields of Expertise

Rail transportation systems are crucial to moving goods and people. We have the expertise to deliver sound design and engineering.  


Effective transportation systems provide the foundation for community development, in both the short and long term. Agencies face a host of issues in developing efficient systems – from maintaining existing infrastructure to planning and constructing arterial roadways that can be scaled for future growth.  


Our Englobe team has extensive rail design experience, including main line and rail spur lines, as well as crude offloading terminals and various other industrial rail projects such as intermodal terminals. We also specialize in the design of rail yard drainage, spill control and related components. 


Our experienced team is deeply committed to integrated design, sound engineering, and experienced leadership. We can offer agencies the economical, effective designs they are looking for to meet their needs.  


Roadways are essential for people, vehicles and commerce. We’ll design your project for maximum efficiency and long life.  


In roadway design, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of industrial, residential, and highway users. These result in diverse considerations ranging from traffic loads and volume, design speed and safety, to aesthetics. 


Whether your project involves a four-lane divided highway or a series of urban roads and streets, our Englobe team can provide complete design and intersection signalization services.  


Our team has delivered transportation design engineering services - including culvert rehabilitation work - to government and private industry clients. We also design drainage and erosion control systems, including storm water detention ponds. 


Airport facilities are designed to last decades. Let us lend our expertise to these complex projects. 


Airport facilities and infrastructure must seamlessly move people and cargo while creating a pleasant traveller experience. Any improvement or refurbishment project must be done with minimal disruption to operations, and with longevity as a key project objective.  


Englobe’s team of professionals has extensive experience in airport systems. Notably, we have experience designing airport terminal building. We have extensive experience in the design, construction and rehabilitation of runways, taxiways and aprons, lighting and drainage systems for international, secondary and military airfields across Canada and internationally. 

Maritime infrastructure serves both as a shipping channel and natural marine environment. We can help your project combine these purposes. 


The maritime sector continues to face multiple challenges related to responsible, effective interventions in sensitive environments. You can trust Englobe to help you manage these challenges. 


Our team of experienced professionals is skilled at planning, designing and executing maritime projects. We have a long history of collaborating closely with governments and businesses on maritime projects that combines economic development objectives with concern for the environment. 


The Englobe team can deliver a wide range of integrated geotechnical, materials and environmental engineering services. With our help, our clients can implement innovative and optimal solutions that preserve the environment while permitting seamless maritime operations.  


We’re with you every step of the way.

The driving force of any economy is the seamless flow of goods, services and people between locations. Our team will help galvanize this driving force by thoughtfully designing, developing and managing your infrastructure project, with a keen focus on longevity and sustainability.  


With decades of extensive, practical experience, our Englobe experts can help you plan, design and manage the construction and operation of these next-generation transportation networks. Our wide array of high-performance tools and equipment, our laboratories, and our skilled people deliver personalized, innovative client solutions that protect the natural environment while ensuring maximum durability.