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Moved by community

At Englobe, we’re committed to helping our communities flourish – today and in the future.

Sustainable water resource management solutions for communities

With over 50 years of experience in the government and community infrastructure market, our team delivers innovative water engineering solutions for municipal utilities, public works departments, and local governments. Our multi-disciplinary expertise spans the full project lifecycle, including feasibility studies, master planning, detailed design, construction management and regulatory compliance. We specialize in helping communities identify and secure funding sources to make critical water and sewer infrastructure improvements a reality. As a trusted partner, we work hand-in-hand with clients to develop reliable, cost-effective water supply, treatment and distribution systems as well as wastewater collection, conveyance and treatment facilities that meet the needs of growing communities.


At Englobe, we are particularly proud of our longstanding relationships with First Nation communities. Together, we work as partners to build safe and sustainable water infrastructure for present and future generations. 


of continuous activity in the government and community infrastructure market.


of proven community and infrastructure experience. We’re dedicated to offering tailored, innovative solutions that address real needs while protecting people and the environment.

Fields of Expertise in water and wastewater engineering

Communities depend on their water supply. Our wastewater experts will help you protect and preserve this crucial resource. 


Englobe’s water engineering team provides municipal and industrial wastewater treatment services intended to both protect our environment and minimize all risks to human health. Our experienced engineers and consultants also develop and design potable water treatment facilities - including disinfection – to safeguard our communities’ vital potable water supply. 


Our experts carefully evaluate treatment objectives to select the most appropriate, cost-effective system possible. Multiple factors, including lifecycle costs, sensitivity to power rates, as well as land requirements, expansion potential and aesthetics, are considered, to determine the best possible solution for our clients’ specific needs. 


With proven expertise in water treatment solutions ranging from sand filtration and UV disinfection to ultra-pure reverse osmosis and ion exchange water treatment, our team is skilled in designing and managing contracts for sewage lagoons (both aerated and non-aerated) as well as mechanical treatment plants, engineered wetlands, and other projects. 

We're with you every step of the way.

At Englobe, we care about our communities – after all, we live in them, too. Our vision is simple: we want community buildings, natural features and infrastructure that endure, providing a lasting, sustainable legacy for future generations – as they have for us. 


More than ever, it’s crucial that we support our communities’ growth while also mitigating environmental and social impacts. Our adapted, visionary water and wastewater engineering services will help you do just that. 


We’re proud of the more than fifty years of expertise and service we’ve provided to countless municipalities, First Nations communities, and governments at every level. Our team has the skills, passion and determination to provide innovative, tailored solutions to advance any community-focused project.