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Moved by sustainability

The quality and sustainability of your project depends on using the right materials in the right situations and locations. Rigorous testing and evaluation of these materials – and proposing innovative solutions when needed – can make a real difference to your project’s bottom line and longevity.

At Englobe, we’re driven to innovate.

When combined with our drive for sustainability and protecting the environment, it is clear that we are particularly skilled at materials engineering and assessment. Our team has the necessary skills and expertise to engage owners and clients in productive conversations, and to propose materials engineering and quality solutions that are more sustainable, cost-effective and durable.  


Our Englobe team of professionals, technicians and project managers has developed enviable expertise in the control and inspection of materials, metals and reinforced concrete. Our team’s extensive capabilities in this field include site preparation guidelines, grading and drainage design, soil improvement and stabilization, and aggregate processing. In addition, we deliver structural pavement design services that cover both asphalt and concrete, and include concrete mix design and plant certification, as well as forensic concrete analysis.


We can propose solutions that extend the useful life and ensure the high quality of our clients’ projects. Our many laboratories - equipped with the latest technology - can conduct precision testing of a number of elements, including asphalt mixtures and bituminous binders, pyrite.


With our geotechnical, geohydrology and geothermal science experts and our experienced teams dedicated to pavement design, inspection and management, Englobe stands ready to serve its clients as a true “one-stop shop” for all materials engineering and quality assessment project work.

years of leading-edge expertise in metal quality control.
years of providing advanced corrosion control services.
Fields of Expertise

Over the years, our Englobe team has developed a stellar reputation for its expertise in quality control of soil and aggregates, cement concrete, asphalt and metal, as well as supervising their application. As a result, our talented experts are often asked to oversee clients’ materials selection, including the preparation of mix formulas and their onsite optimization.


We built this expertise through our work on a diverse range of infrastructure, construction and refurbishing projects, including bridges, overpasses and dams; power plants and elevated structures; and buildings of all types.


Our expertise is consolidated within 32 laboratories across Canada, where our accredited, talented technical and professional staff members work on leading-edge equipment, and are qualified to carry out compliance testing. Our numerous quality certifications (ISO 9001, ISO/CEI 17025, CCIL, and others) and satisfied clients are a testament to our team’s dedication and commitment.

Our Englobe team delivers a broad range of materials engineering services including theoretical asphalt and concrete mix designs for use in production and review of mix designs for compliance with project, municipal, or provincial requirements. We are equipped and have the expertise to prepare both Marshall and Superpave asphalt mixes. 


Staffed by our knowledgeable engineering and technical experts, our advanced laboratories handle all testing of raw materials required to proportion and evaluate high quality mix designs that make efficient use of local raw materials. 


Quality control and assurance are critical to a successful project. Our experts provide comprehensive testing services for asphalt, concrete and soil – in the lab and in the field.


Aggregate and asphalt testing


Our experienced staff provides quality control and assurance testing for your asphalt concrete, either in-lab or through our mobile laboratory, which can travel to remote highway crushing operations, quarries and asphalt plants. Our capabilities include Superpave and Marshall mix design, verification and testing, EPS project quality control testing, asphalt concrete coring, and nuclear densometer testing.


Concrete testing


Recent innovations in concrete science have focused on improving sustainability, either by using raw materials that lower concrete’s initial carbon footprint, by improving its long-term durability, or by replacing traditional cement with waste or low-carbon materials. These new techniques have been extensively researched and are now commonly used in our industry.


Our certified laboratory and field staff stand ready to provide concrete testing in accordance with all applicable specifications. Our curing facilities and compressive strength testing equipment ensure representative and repeatable results, as well as prompt notification of your testing results. Our testing capabilities cover sieve analysis and specific gravity of concrete aggregates, fresh concrete, zero slump concrete, mortar and grout, in situ coring, lok-bolt and rebound hammer assessments, durability, and more.


Soils testing


Our Soil and Materials Engineering team is constantly innovating to offer a broad range of custom solutions to meet all client and project needs.


Our modern, comprehensive soils laboratories are equipped to meet a wide variety of testing requirements for your projects, while our field staff is ready to provide quality assurance testing for your construction needs. Our capabilities range from compaction monitoring and testing for grading, utility installation and backfill, proctor density determination and soil index property determination to soil shear strength parameters.

Preserving assets can be challenging. Our team strives to provide clients with practical solutions for assessing metal condition and maintaining its integrity.


Our Englobe team has delivered over 50 years of leading-edge expertise in metal quality control, with a focus on consultation, prevention and intervention. Our team specializes in road infrastructure and works on industrial, mining, petrochemical and metallurgy complexes, in the energy production, transmission and distribution sectors, as well as on municipal infrastructure and civil engineering works.


Our certified and accredited technicians and engineers will ensure compliance with the latest standards.

Maintaining your infrastructure requires strict corrosion monitoring. Our team delivers full assessment and prioritization services to help protect your assets.


As a firm, Englobe has been providing leading-edge corrosion control services for over 35 years. Our diversified approach significantly prolongs the useful life of your assets by monitoring the state of your infrastructure, preserving its integrity, and effectively planning material resources for added longevity and durability.


Our team of experts delivers a range of corrosion engineering solutions including consultation, prevention and intervention. Our high-performance services range from design to installation of an anticorrosion protection system, and include analyzing failures during a production cycle.

We’re with you every step of the way.

In our industry, the success and durability of a finished product is only as good as the materials and techniques used to complete it.


At Englobe, we understand and care about ensuring our clients’ projects are long-lasting and sustainable. That’s why we will partner with you to rigorously assess the quality, durability and suitability of every material you use, and propose innovative designs and solutions to circumvent possible issues.


It’s in our nature to care about our clients’ investments, our communities’ sustainability, and our environment. We’re honoured to put our expertise and experience at your service.

When materials engineers are brought in to consult early in the construction process, concrete mixes, admixtures, and placement techniques can be specifically tailored to meet both the short-term concerns of the contractor and the long-term goals of the owner.
Lindsay Freckleton, Director of Operations, Southern Alberta for Englobe