Innovation & Development

At Englobe, innovation and development are two important priorities. Our stimulating work environment motivates our teams to innovate, both in their work processes and the solutions we offer our customers. 

Moved by creativity

Our teams are selected for their expertise and curiosity. We have over 30 years experience of remediation contracting and enabling works in the UK and have delivered 35 remediation techniques for the treatment of contaminated soils, groundwater, sediment, sludges, and tars.


These techniques have been proven at full commercial scale through the remediation of over 1,000 sites and the on-site treatment of over 5 million tonnes of soil. We have invested in over £2 million of remediation plant exclusively available to our remediation projects.


We are always evolving and improving our existing technologies to support our customers strategic initiatives as they develop new markets.


One area that we have been advancing in is the design and operation of bespoke water treatment systems for contaminated land. We offer cost-effective solutions to site-based water treatment on projects in the UK and overseas. Our water treatment systems are fully automated, being equipped with telemetry, remote monitoring, and multiple fail-safes as standard. This significantly reduces the requirement for site attendance and manual system supervision, providing significant savings on operational staff costs.


Englobe provides a management solution to the whole process from start to finish including:

  • Applications to the Environment Agency and Water Authority
  • Review of existing information, leading to cost-effective in-house system design
  • Off-site preparation of water treatment system equipment, to expedite on-site installation
  • Installation and operation of fully automated water treatment systems
  • Monitoring  and sampling of influent and effluent
  • Off-site recycling of collected wastes
  • Decommissioning, demobilisation and permit surrender