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Horticultural Eco-Products, Compost and Topsoils

Moved by the earth

We’re proud to deliver expertise and innovation that enriches the soil, thus helping to keep our communities green and our producers thriving.

Certified eco-products* drawing on our vast expertise

This national quality standard specifies the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of compost. Certified compost is safe (foreign matter/micro-nutrient content, and fecal coliform and salmonella measurements), effective (maturity and stability test) and profitable (water and organic matter content).


Many of our topsoils also meet BNQ topsoil standards, Standard 9101 of the Québec Ministry of Transport (MTQ), and many other municipal and commercial requirements.


*BNQ Certification 0413-200/2005, NO. 971 and no. 665



Diverse, effective products 


Compost also supports biodiversity and prolongs the life of our soils. It contains micro-organisms that cause biodegradation, transforming decomposable materials into stable organic matter and nutrients for plants. With its organic content, compost reduces soil compaction, allowing water to better penetrate the soil and reach the roots. Compost improves the structure of our soils and makes them healthy.


In addition to compost, Englobe makes topsoils based on compost, sand and peat moss. These products put compost back into the soil for a variety of uses, from grass seeding to tree planting, gardening and community greening projects. Results show there are many benefits to converting organic matter into quality compost and topsoil.

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Our horticultural and landscaping products

Our compost for horticultural and landscaping use enriches all soil types and improves the structure of sandy, silty or clay soil. It is composed of leaves, grass clippings, table scraps and woody material.


The use of compost offers numerous benefits:

  • Improving soil’s water retention. Composted soil can retain 200% of its dry weight in water, whereas poor soil retains only 20%. The result is soil that is more resistant to drought.
  • Improving soil structure. With its organic content, compost reduces clay soil compaction, allowing water to penetrate the soil better and reach the roots. In sandy soils, it allows the formation of aggregates, which improve water and nutrient retention by reducing leaching.
  • Feeding nutrients to your soil and plants. Compost contains not only the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium your plants need, but also essential micro-nutrients like calcium, magnesium and copper.
  • Breathing new life into your soil. It contains micro-organisms that cause biodegradation, turning decomposable materials into stable organic matter and releasing the nutrients needed for plant growth.


Download the technical data sheet:


Other BNQ-certified composts are also available for specific commercial or agricultural uses.


These topsoil mixes are made up of compost, peat moss, sand and fertilizer. They are ideal for use in gardens and/or perennial, annual and shrub beds.


Their benefits include

  • Rich organic matter content
  • Enriched with compost for better yield
  • The planting mix meets the BNQ 0605-100/2001 organic topsoil standard for trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials


Download the technical data sheet:

Ideal for planting or transplanting vegetable and flower beds, this topsoil is a mix of compost, peat moss or humus, and sand. Topsoil from Saint-Henri also includes organic fertilizers.


Its benefits include

  • Enriched with compost for better yield
  • Structured for good drainage and aeration


Download the technical data sheet:

This topsoil features sand, compost and peat moss, and is used for tree and shrub planting in urban areas.


Among its benefits:

  • Compliance with mix No. 2 – Quebec City
  • Compliance with the Quebec Minister of Transport’s Specification 9101 for topsoil standards


Download the technical data sheet:

This mixture of sand, compost and peat moss/humus is ideal for seeding, sodding or refreshing a lawn.


Its benefits include compliance with mix No. 1 (Quebec City) standards, and a uniform blend for easy handling and rooting.


Download the technical data sheet:

This commercial sand and compost mixture is used primarily when laying sod. It’s an economical choice that is enriched with compost for better yield.


Download the technical data sheet:

Top 8 reasons to use our products

Promotes seed germination and improves your yield.

Optimal pH

Facilitates nutrient assimilation and reduces the incidence of disease.

Ideal percentage of organic matter

Increases topsoil’s ability to retain water and nutrients.

Excellent water retention

Reduces the need for watering.

Abundance of organic matter

Ensures good plant growth and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

Very easy to handle

This makes our products appealing and easy to use.

Very easy maintenance

Makes gardening more pleasant and frees up time to enjoy the results.

BNQ certification

Ensures safety, effectiveness and profitability.

We’re with you every step of the way

For decades, our Englobe team has been a partner of choice for agricultural producers. Our advanced eco-products are carefully crafted for multiple uses by our experienced team - people who really care about sustainability and the environment.

For our experts and advocates, organic waste reclamation is not a regulatory objective, but rather a vision and a commitment. Our care and expertise—they’re what set us apart.
Serge Loubier, Director, Business Development and New Products