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Land Application

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The Englobe team works with agricultural producers every day to improve soil health, increase crop yields and, ultimately, make their businesses more profitable by providing alternative products with recognized attributes.

Englobe is the ideal partner for agricultural producers

The Englobe team acts as a trusted partner to agricultural producers wishing to use fertilizing and liming products, including paper mill, municipal and agri-food biosolids, as well as ash, compost and calcium amendments. We provide added value by supporting producers throughout the process, from choosing the material to monitoring applications and producing an activity report.


Thanks to our wide variety of products and the extensive expertise of our team of agronomists and agricultural technicians, Englobe has become a crucial partner to over 1,000 farms.

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Fields of Expertise

The agricultural recycling of fertilizing and liming products breathes new life into many materials with proven agronomic, technical and environmental potential.


Agricultural recycling also offers many benefits to farmers, the main users of these materials. It helps improve the agronomic properties of soils, fertilizes crops, is a more sustainable practice and eliminates part of the cost of purchasing conventional compost and fertilizer.


Services offered

  • Choice of method to recycle compliant materials
  • Recycling stream research and development
  • Administrative steps to obtain required project notices
  • Accredited sampling campaigns
  • Analysis monitoring
  • Coordination of material transport and delivery
  • Identification of recycling sites
  • Drafting of agri-environmental recycling plans (PAERs)
  • Environmental follow-up with the Minister for the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MELCC)
  • Customer service
  • Crop monitoring

Amend: An amendment is a material added to soil to improve its agricultural quality. Amendments are used in agriculture to enhance soil properties and make it more productive.


Fertilize: Fertilizers differ from amendments. They mainly serve to boost the soil’s nutrient supply, making a greater quantity of nutrients available to plants as they grow.


Lime: Liming is an essential practice for improving soil life and increasing input effectiveness and crop yields. Regularly adding lime to soil improves the effectiveness of nutrients, the soil structure and the ability of atmospheric nitrogen to adhere to certain crops (legumes in particular). They also enhance plants’ ability to take root.

Our products

A full range of high-quality products to help producers invest in soil health

We’ve got you covered

We work in close partnership with agricultural producers by delivering sustainable products and expert services to improve the quality and richness of their soils.

Agricultural reclamation of fertilizing and liming products is beneficial for everyone. It helps partner agricultural producers reduce their input costs. Adding organic matter to soils is key. Doing so helps conserve or even regenerate soil health, helping to sustain agriculture.
Etienne Dupont, Agronomist/Technical Advisor