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Geosciences & Geotechnical Engineering

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Over the past half-century, Englobe’s geosciences professionals and technical staff have acquired solid experience in specialized areas such as investigations, geotechnical studies, and various phases associated with major civil engineering projects.

At Englobe, we have built a robust team of skilled geotechnical engineers, technicians, and other scientists and professionals.

Our team has unparalleled know-how in specialities related to transportation, infrastructure and hydroelectricity for the institutional, industrial, residential, commercial, recreational and cultural sectors. Through rigorous analysis and innovative ingenuity, these experts will help identify risks early, avoid common foundational and other problems, and minimize failures and defects later in the structure’s lifecycle. In doing so, our team will reduce your overall costs, ensuring greater longevity for your project as well as your investment.


With cumulative geotechnical engineering expertise that spans more than 55 years, our Englobe team has consulted in a diverse range of projects of varying complexity. This expertise extends to all project phases. We can conduct early field and laboratory assessments and geotechnical studies, provide structural design counsel, prepare plans and specifications, as well as deliver strategic advice and supervisory services to support our clients during the design and construction phases.


By choosing our Englobe team, you’ll partner with seasoned professionals with the capabilities, ingenuity and know-how to advise you throughout your project - from end to end.

years of delivering high-quality geotechnical engineering services
Fields of Expertise

Preventing complications before they happen is the foundation of geotechnical engineering. Without these experts’ advanced assessments and testing, structures could be significantly damaged by slope stability shifting, ongoing settling, earthquakes, or other issues.


Our skilled team of professionals and technical experts takes pride in offering the highest quality services, optimized solutions and integrated projects, all delivered with Englobe’s unique combination of strict adherence to health and safety standards, and concern for sustainability.

Preserving assets can be challenging. Our specialized expertise can help you extend their useful life.


Our Englobe team has specialized in pavement engineering, and pavement condition assessment in particular, for many years. In fact, we have carried out “expanded” pavement conservation projects for over a decade. In that time, we provided services such as design and preparation of plans and specifications, contract management, and work supervision including quality assurance, for various clients including Provincial departments of transportation as well as municipalities and private parking lot owners.


Our pavement engineering and management experts provide practical solutions for assessing the state of your assets and planning their rehabilitation in a way that preserves the necessary access and service levels. They also deliver innovative solutions for monitoring pavement performance over time, and a full range of design, analysis and other services to meet all project needs.

With over fifty years of practical experience in the field, our multidisciplinary teams (which include geotechnical engineers, hydrologists, hydraulics experts, biologists, civil engineers and agronomists) deliver high-quality, optimized solutions for clients facing complex new environmental regulations and climate change concerns. This multidisciplinary approach is well-suited to integrated client projects and is delivered with rigorous attention to sustainable development as well as health and safety.


Our breadth of expertise allows us to holistically support our clients through every phase of a bank stabilization project - from bank safety assessment to field and laboratory surveys, geotechnical studies, design, bank revegetation, preparation of plans and specifications, requests for authorization certificates, and work supervision.

We’re with you every step of the way.

Knowledge is power. The more information we have about a project’s geology, topography, soil composition and groundwater, the more precisely its location, design and construction methodologies can be planned.


At Englobe, we favour a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to the geosciences. By doing so, we can take full advantage of our talented professionals’ diverse skillsets and expertise. This ensures our clients obtain the most comprehensive, detailed portrait possible so they can make informed, visionary decisions.


Sustainability and durability matter to us – and to our clients. Our experience and ingenuity in the geosciences serve to protect our clients’ investments as well as the health and safety of their projects’ users and surroundings.