The environment has been central to the focus of our work, right from day one. No matter what kind of issues or challenges you face, our multidisciplinary teams will analyse the situation and develop a bespoke solution. We take pride in being a one-stop shop for outside-the-box solutions.

Around the world, our reputation precedes us for our work in remediation contracting and enabling works, environmental engineering, acoustics, geomatics, aquatic environments and contaminated land and buildings.

Englobe is passionate about its role as an environmental steward. For years, we have supported clients with innovative environmental solutions that protect our communities and ecology. As a leader in the field of remediation contracting and enabling works with over 30 years’ experience within the UK, we use our knowledge and expertise of the environmental regulatory process to increase land value, solve engineering challenges and provide an end-to-end remediation, civil engineering, infrastructure, and asset management solution. Our passionate and professional experts will partner with you to safeguard the natural world, enhance quality of life, and preserve your legacy.