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Social Acceptability & Permitting

Moved by the earth

At Englobe, we’re passionate about reliable engineering and protecting the environment. Our dedication to these two principles informs every service and recommendation. We have the competency and dedication to see your project through from start to finish, while preserving the natural environment.

The early phases of your project are all about building trust with neighbouring communities. 

Our experienced team can help you reassure and engage these crucial stakeholders. With our many decades of upstream expertise, our Englobe team can carefully evaluate your project’s social risks and impacts. This proactive approach allows our clients to anticipate issues, and project a sense of transparency and openness. In turn, this rigorous yet approachable attitude builds community trust and eases potential objections down the road. 


Our team has the knowhow and tools – along with a broad innovation streak – that extend far beyond conventional communication tactics. With a roster of projects that extends into every corner of Canada, France and the United Kingdom, we have the experience and skills to help you foster social acceptance and positive relationships with community stakeholders. 

Fields of Expertise

We care deeply about protecting the environment. We’ll work hand-in-hand to enable your projects by minimum disruption to the natural world. 


Our highly-qualified team of specialists is extensively experienced in environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA). In recent years, this multidisciplinary team has conducted numerous ESIA, in full compliance with all federal and provincial standards, in a variety of markets and sectors including transportation, marine and maritime environments, mining, and energy.  


We’ve also provided expertise in hazardous residual waste removal in aquatic, terrestrial, urban, agricultural and forest environments, including Canada’s High Arctic. Our depth of expertise means we can carefully tailor your ESIA team to the specific needs of your project. 


Building trust and communicating facts openly and simply are important to you – and to us. We have the experience and skills to organize and manage information sessions and environmental public hearings and consultations, with a view to gaining public acceptance.  

With many decades of expertise in upstream operations, our Englobe team can carefully evaluate your project’s social risks and impacts. This proactive approach allows our clients to anticipate issues, and project a sense of transparency and openness. In turn, this rigorous yet approachable attitude builds community trust and elicits public confidence.  


Our team has the knowhow and tools – along with a broad innovation track record – that extend far beyond conventional communication tactics. With a roster of projects that extends into every corner of Canada, France and the United Kingdom, we have the experience and skills to help you foster social acceptance and positive relationships with community stakeholders. 


In Canada, economic development is heavily dependent on community engagement and buy-in. In tandem with our expertise and robust communication skills, we can also help you build the crucial community ties needed for your project to succeed.


Our team’s expertise in community management focuses on social risk analysis and understanding local dynamics. Through our involvement and understanding, we facilitate the management of issues, challenges and feedback, and can better advise you on proactive actions you can take to forge effective business relationships 


Some of our services include  

  • Perception and sensitivity study 

  • Social risk analysis of projects (diagnostics)  

  • Strategic advice for decision-makers and teams  

  • Communication planning, material and activities  

  • All documents and initiatives for public presentations, consultations and stakeholder conversations 

  • Community, media, public and government relations 

  • Support and training  

Our team’s broad environmental permitting expertise helps you keep your project on time and on track. To move your project forward, you must have the proper approvals and permits. Our team will support you in this sometimes-confusing process – every step of the way.  


To operate legally, all businesses, large and small (and in virtually every sector) require the right environmental approvals issued by the appropriate authorities. Ensuring you reach the correct government bodies and complete all necessary paperwork and documentation for your clients can be daunting.  


Our team of experienced environmental engineers and scientists have prepared hundreds of Environmental Compliance Applications to meet legislated requirements for air, water, and noise emissions. We can do all the necessary background research, onsite monitoring and inventories to facilitate your application and submission processes. We’re rigorous, meticulous and knowledgeable, so you can have peace of mind knowing that every required box has been checked.  


The Englobe team’s services range from pre-application data collection and work design to preparation of submissions. We’ll also take charge of communicating with the permitting agency on your behalf, so you can focus on your other priorities. 


We can help you navigate demolition permits, permits to take water, certificates of approval for air, water, waste, and noise emissions, waste disposal permits, tree removal permits, dewatering and Fisheries Act authorizations, Species at Risk Act permitting, provincial Endangered Species Act permits, conservation authority development control permits, and more. 

Throughout our history, Englobe has upheld respect, diversity and inclusiveness as its core values. We’re proud to be collaborative, close partners with many First Nations communities.  


Englobe’s commitment to collaboration with our First Nations has always informed our approach of openness and mutual respect. We’re increasingly committed to reducing prejudice and maximizing the benefits of our projects for Indigenous and Inuit communities. 


Our Englobe team works hand-in-hand with our clients to help consult with First Nations in a respectful and meaningful way, and to develop owner projects that honour Indigenous Peoples’ most cherished traditions and values. We are further committed to building strong ties with the communities where our work takes us, growing our understanding and our friendships, and building sustainable relationships that bring true benefit to these communities with every new initiative.

We’re with you every step of the way.

Each and every day, businesses and governments re-examine their practices and activities, putting concern for human wellbeing and the natural world at the forefront of development.  


At Englobe, this shift in priorities is inspiring. Our focus has always been on people and protecting the environment – in fact, we’ve built our reputation on these core values. Our expertise in environmental protection and assessment runs deep – as does our dedication to serving our clients as they navigate this reality.  


We’re here to help. It’s in our nature to care.  

My role here is to foster relations between the First Nations industry from coast to coast.
Edmond Collins
Manager, Indigenous Relations

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