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Organic Waste Treatment & Composting

Moved by the earth

Compost and topsoil—crucial to greening our cities—contribute to people’s well-being every day!

Fields of Expertise

Since 1993, the Englobe team has operated multiple organic waste treatment centres, gaining unique expertise in treating such waste. To share this unmatched expertise acquired over many years by treating millions of tonnes of organic waste, we have developed an IT platform dedicated to meeting our clients’ operational needs. This new tool provides our clients and MELCC with complete traceability of all organic waste entrusted to us. The platform traces materials from collection to final reclamation. This includes management of the required authorization numbers, mandatory transport manifests, official weight tickets, the exact location at our treatment sites where the organic waste is unloaded, analytical results from certified laboratories and details on the organic waste that leaves our centres. All of these steps are followed, documented and validated throughout the organic waste management and treatment process.


When you choose to do business with the Englobe organic waste treatment centre team, you can rest assured that your waste will be handled properly. Our professionalism and expertise, which we maintain to our high quality standards, give you peace of mind. We offer a cost-effective, quick and definitive solution for treating your organic waste.


We provide comprehensive waste management services to municipalities and to Industries, Businesses and Institutions (IBIs), from acceptance to by-product traceability and reclamation. We also recycle in accordance with applicable rules and legislation.


Englobe’s extensive network of receiving sites and end-users enables us to reclaim over 400,000 tonnes/year of municipal biosolids, pulp and paper sludge, and tailings. Our composting sites produce over 100,000 tonnes/year of quality compost and topsoil for use by horticultural, municipal and commercial clients. Treating Fertilizing Residual Materials (FRMs) through composting is an integral part of the solutions we offer our clients. In all of our waste management operations, we respect local communities and involve stakeholders ahead of time.


Services offered

  • Turnkey or customized services, which include assessing producer and end-user needs, and finding win-win solutions
  • Certified waste sampling
  • Waste material characterization
  • Engineered application of proposed solutions
  • Full waste transport coordination and management services
  • Crop fertilization, pH correction, soil structure improvement
  • Agronomic services (agro-environmental recycling plan, certificate of authorization, agronomic recommendations, etc.)
  • Technical support for end-user clients (delivery tracking, calibration and application monitoring)
  • Development of revegetation plans for degraded sites (sandpits, quarries, mines, landfills, industrial sites, etc.)
  • Composting site setup and operation
  • Production and sale of compost and topsoil made at composting sites
  • Collaboration and coordination with government and municipal departments to meet regulatory requirements and obtain all required permits

A pioneer in the business of composting, Englobe helps beautify our living environments by transforming organic waste produced by our communities, historically sent to the landfill, into compost. Topsoil and compost are crucial to greening our cities for the benefit of those who live there.


Biomass (or composting) treatment centres present a pragmatic and inexpensive solution to the problem of managing and treating organic waste (green residue, table scraps, sewage treatment sludge, agri-food waste, etc.), ultimately transforming it into compost, a product with a host of benefits. The development of our processes on an industrial scale is the cornerstone of our industry-leading expertise, recognized both nationally and internationally.


Our full range of eco-products stems from our desire to turn all the organic waste generated by our communities into compost and other products that use compost as a raw material, namely topsoil.

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Processing organic waste goes well beyond diverting it from the landfill. It’s about believing that recycling and reusing materials in a smart and eco-responsible way is essential and beneficial.
Serge Loubier, Director, Business Development and New Products