We’ve spent years honing and expanding our expertise in order to serve clients in multiple sectors. We are active (and often breaking new ground!) in fields ranging from engineering, soil inspection and building sciences to construction site monitoring, transportation and quality control.

All infrastructure projects present inherent challenges. Our experienced and skilled geotechnical team can help you make your project a success from the ground up. It’s been said that the geosciences help us investigate the past, measure the present, and model the future.

Our Englobe engineering staff is skilled in materials engineering and quality assessment for both surface and subsurface materials. We can investigate and inspect soils, asphalt and concrete for our clients’ buildings, land developments, and infrastructure projects.

Our specialized building sciences division is among the country’s most complete, thanks to our specialists’ breadth of expertise in every aspect of building envelopes and structural, mechanical and electrical systems, roofing, waterproofing and environment (air quality, mould, asbestos, radon, etc.).

Changing economic times, labour outlooks and time all influence your ability to deal with aging assets. Increasingly, owners, developers and operators are asked to do more with less.

More than any other practice, civil, municipal and transportation engineering involves a wide range of stakeholders.