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At Englobe, we measure success not only through our engineering solutions, but through your satisfaction and ability to reach your goals.

Strong communities rest on strong foundations. Our innovation and skills can keep these assets thriving.

Englobe provides civil infrastructure engineering services for projects ranging from water supply, storage and distribution systems, wastewater collection and treatment and storm water management, to transportation projects including municipal streets, highways, active transportation networks, and rail facilities.


Our civil engineering professionals have spent more than 60 years designing solutions for public and private infrastructure across Canada. We pride ourselves on building solid relationships within the industry and with regulatory groups. In turn, this helps us guide you through approvals and achieve your goals.


We also build robust relationships with our clients. By listening and learning, we gain a deep understanding of your needs and expectations. This translates into tailored, cost-effective designs that meet project requirements, help communities thrive, and stand the test of time.

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Fields of Expertise

Municipal infrastructure


Reliable and sustainable infrastructure is essential to building vibrant, strong communities. Water treatment and supply systems, along with sewage collection and treatment, are among the most vital components in this type of development.


We’re excited to continue our long tradition of building communities through sound engineering. We bring innovation and project execution to municipal and civil infrastructure expansion and rehabilitation projects, with services ranging from feasibility and cost studies to detailed design, construction supervision and system commissioning.


To date, our Englobe team has designed and inspected the construction of more than 1,000 km of water distribution and transmission pipelines, and over 1,500 km of storm and sanitary sewer pipes. We also upgrade existing systems, contributing to the sustainability of our communities’ infrastructure assets and the health and happiness of their residents.


Parks and recreation


Social interaction, green spaces and recreation are at the heart of happy communities. At Englobe, we’re proud to add our expert engineering principles and skill to projects that nurture a true sense of community.


Our work reflects the values our communities cherish the most. Whether we’re developing constructed wetlands, permanent wet ponds that function as recreational facilities, or dry ponds that also act as sports fields, we’re helping to build a sustainable, happy and healthy future.


Children enjoying a day at the local water park, friends kicking a ball on a sports field, a couple strolling along a trail, or the sound of canoe paddles and birds singing as they wade through a neighbourhood pond… these are the signs of thriving communities. Let us help you build them.


Potable water systems


Clean drinking water is a must. We can help assure a sustainable supply for your community. Our Englobe team offers a wide range of services in the development and design of potable water treatment facilities, so industry and communities can reliably access safe drinking water.


Our experts work closely with clients and partners to evaluate treatment objectives and select the best, most cost-effective system. All factors lifecycle cost sensitivity to power rates, land requirements, expansion potential, and esthetics are carefully considered.


Wastewater treatment


Englobe is a leading firm in designing and implementing wastewater collection and treatment systems. We work closely with clients to develop wastewater master plans and detailed designs for supporting infrastructure, including pipelines, lift stations, and treatment facilities. We provide site-specific solutions for visually-appealing, effective treatment systems that become valuable assets to the community.


In addition to engineering new systems, our team has developed expertise in replacing and upgrading deteriorating or undersized systems.


Stormwater management


With the ever-increasing impacts of climate change, stormwater management is essential to preserve the quality and longevity of our community assets. Our drainage specialists apply cutting-edge tools and the latest techniques to achieve low-impact development flood prevention and mitigation. You could say our overall approach exemplifies Englobe’s commitment to sustainable development.


Our rigorous special planning also minimizes impacts on residents and properties.

Every control system – and client – is unique. We’ll adapt to what you need.


You can rely on Englobe to prioritize health and safety, and to deliver quality, value-added services for your control systems. We adapt our approach on a site-by-site basis to meet our clients’ specific requirements.


Our SCADA system specialists offer control system design, PLC and HMI programming, inspections, troubleshooting (remote or in person), onsite start-up and commissioning for all types of projects and applications. With over 25 years’ experience on projects worldwide, our specialists can take you from concept to full functionality, with minimal disruption to your operations.

A community’s ability to access services is its lifeline. We can help you plan for the future.


Transportation systems create the foundation for a community’s growth and position it for a successful future. Englobe’s team of transportation engineering professionals provide effective, economical designs that our clients need to meet their many challenges - from maintaining existing infrastructure assets to planning and building arterial roadways that support long-term growth.


Transportation planning and traffic engineering


All successful projects begin with proper and thoughtful planning. Our team of transportation professionals have the knowledge and experience to deliver successful and practical outcomes, whether we’re assessing the operation of street networks, planning active transportation facilities, or developing a strategic transportation master plan for an entire community.


Our collaborative approach and relentless pursuit of client-focused solutions have earned us Trusted Advisor status with many public and private sector clients.


Highway and roadway design


Englobe delivers comprehensive roadway design services for urban corridors and rural highways. We can design everything from multi-lane highways and interchanges, bridges and culverts, to signalized intersections, roundabouts and multi-modal urban streets.


Our transportation designs draw on our broad multi-disciplinary team to address all challenges associated with the development of transportation facilities. These include environmental approvals, geotechnical and pavement design, drainage and hydraulics, erosion control, and lighting.


We’re committed to delivering integrated design and reliable engineering capabilities. Coupled with our experienced leadership, our team is ready to support our communities and help them thrive – now and in the future.

The Englobe team boasts extensive rail design experience which includes consulting work on main line and rail spur lines, as well as crude offloading terminals and other industrial rail projects. We also specialize in the design of rail yard drainage, spill control and related components.


These services demonstrate yet again how Englobe and its people support the sustainable growth and ongoing wellness of the communities and industries it serves.

We’re with you every step of the way.

Moving goods and people, public gathering and recreational spaces, comfortable homes, and easy access to a multitude of transportation options… these elements are at the heart of a healthy community.


At Englobe, we’re committed to building community by putting our expertise and skills to good use. We’re passionate about supporting our municipal and government and private sector partners as they bring their community vision to life. We’ll work with you to preserve, plan and build sustainable, functional and attractive infrastructure assets so our communities can flourish.

We can always count on Englobe to deliver a high-quality product, on-time and on budget.
Norman Clouston, P.Eng., Maritime Road Development Corporation