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Data Acquisition & General Instrumentation

Having the right consultant beside you is critically important. 

This close, collaborative relationship is only one way in which our team can support and assist you. With exclusive distribution rights for best-in-class monitoring equipment and services, our Englobe team is truly a “one-stop shop” for all of your data acquisition and monitoring needs.  


Our Englobe consulting team delivers a reliable range of solutions for geo-environmental, vibration and noise monitoring. Using regular or sensitive receptors – either remotely or onsite – our team stands ready to provide comprehensive monitoring services for urban and rural projects across Canada. 


years of experience

in monitoring instrumentation programs

years of service

to retail and upstream industries, thanks to our patented technologies which have revolutionized testing standards

consistent average loss reduction

on total throughput, as determined by our meter calibration program

Field of Expertise

We provide quality work and full compliance with all testing requirements.  


The Englobe team stands ready to deliver a suite of services to increase your service station’s profitability. Our Fuel Management Program can help you reduce unexplained product loss (shrinkage) by thousands of litres per year. We also assign a dedicated account manager to provide you with ongoing support so you can become more efficient and boost profits.  


Our monitoring, testing and calibration services include


  • Statistical inventory reconciliation (SIR) tests for underground storage tank and line systems, identification of meter calibration and chart errors, delivery and product blending issues, and potential theft. For aboveground tanks, our robotic internal inspection services are ideal in situations where draining the tank, or interrupting service to customers, is impractical.  


  • We also use our best-in-class, patented VacuTect® precision tank and line testing system to check the integrity of your tanks by monitoring changes in pressure, sound or water levels. 


  • For retailers using automatic tank gauging and leak detection systems, our team can inspect automatic tank gauges/leak sensors annually, so you remain compliant with all regulatory policies and manufacturer's specifications.


  • We can also conduct annual inspections on line leak detectors and shear valves, as well as secondary containment tests. By confirming that no product is escaping from underground tanks or other containment systems, these processes protect the integrity of your facilities, provide sound risk management and environmental compliance, and protect the health of nearby communities. 


  • As a Measurement Canada Recognized Service Provider, our Englobe team can certify retail and high-speed meters to meet Weight and Measurement Canada requirements. We can also correct fuel dispenser meter calibration errors - the leading cause of inventory loss for Canadian petroleum retailers. 


Whether you’re looking to limit noise and vibrations or improve building acoustics, the Englobe team has the experience and expertise to meet your needs with innovative, cost-effective solutions. We’ve specialized in acoustics, noise, and vibration for over 25 years. Our trained experts have experience in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and institutional settings. 


As an authorized Canadian distributor of seismographs – new and used, for sale or rent – our team can equip you with the most reliable, versatile, and user-friendly range of vibration monitoring products. We service all rentals and sales in-house, and our qualified experts provide 24/7 data processing and interpretation support.  


We have the in-house expertise and practical experience to help you monitor critical factors – every step of the way. 


Our expert Englobe consulting team knows and understands monitoring equipment options, instrumentation strategies and methods, and results interpretation, and can be crucially important in protecting the viability of your project. Our team of engineers and geoscientists has 40+ years of experience in monitoring instrumentation programs, with proven results in planning, installation and commissioning 


We specialize in developing project-specific monitoring instrumentation programs. We can work with you through each project phase – from monitoring ground conditions for investigative and prefeasibility testing or for assessment and verification purposes. 


Whether you wish to monitor soil deformation, groundwater levels, contamination migration, stress/strain to mitigate risk for your infrastructure development project, or want to protect the integrity of your major tunneling shoring, or excavation work, we have the diverse and experienced team to support your objectives.  


We can also become your trusted source for quality equipment. We’re the exclusive distributor for some of the industry’s most reliable and sophisticated piezometers, inclinometers, settlement gauges and more, all supported by a cloud-based data hosting and management system.  


In every setting, indoor air quality matters. We’ll help you optimize it.  


Studies have shown that on average, Canadians spend over 90% of their time indoors. As a result, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can negatively affect human health and productivity. This factor is becoming even more critical in industrial, commercial and institutional settings.  


Today, employers and building managers are responsible for providing good air quality as part of a safe and comfortable workplace, and strong occupational health and safety (OHS) regulations are in place across the country. This means that a building’s mechanical systems, the presence of hazardous materials, or unforeseen events like floods or fires, can have a direct impact on air quality, and must be mitigated or managed properly. 


Our team of Englobe experts can conduct IAQ assessments for employers, building occupants, property managers, and building designers. Under the expert leadership of our Certified Industrial Hygienist, these assessments ensure your building is operated and maintained in accordance with management contract parameters and all regulations in effect, and are closely tailored to each client’s unique needs. 

We're with you every step of the way.

Like maintenance, monitoring is critical through every project phase – and into your project’s life cycle. From ground strain and water to air quality, there is a host of factors to consider both in developing projects and in ensuring their durability.  


Our Englobe team has the in-house expertise and practical experience to help you monitor critical factors – every step of the way. We’ll ensure the viability of your construction or refurbishment project and flag any issues along the way for minimal disruptions to your project and maintenance schedule.  


We also offer a diverse range of monitoring equipment, services and support to ensure peace of mind, and mitigate any risks to your project’s sustainability. Let us put our expertise to work for you.