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Environmental Site Assessment

Sustainably protecting our natural and built environment is deeply rooted in Englobe’s DNA.

Our passionate, expert professionals are eager to partner with you to safeguard the natural world, enhance quality of life, and preserve your legacy. After all, it’s in our nature to care.

Innovation and caring for the natural environment.

Our Englobe team has developed a unique approach to environmental sustainability projects. We deliver tailored, client-centred expertise that focuses on consultation with local decision-makers, innovative strategies, and a long-term vision where the natural world reigns supreme.  


From soil, sediment, groundwater, and air quality management to modeling and analysis, our team has deep end-to-end experience, and the passion to do what’s best for the environment and our clients.  

years of environmental engineering and remediation experience
Fields of Expertise

Every site is unique. Your Englobe partners can provide you with all the data you need to make the best decisions for your site. 


Our Englobe team has vast experience conducting Phase I/II/III environmental site assessments across Canada. Our studies comply with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards as well as all provincial and federal regulations and methodologies. We begin with a thorough historical analysis and a site reconnaissance visit, along with other fact-finding initiatives, to determine the land’s underlying condition and usage throughout its life cycle. 


If potential contaminants are found, a second assessment phase can confirm and measure the presence and extent of this contamination through soil, groundwater, and/or sediment sampling. A third phase can further clarify the horizontal and vertical depth of contamination, and provides clients with remediation methods and options, costs, and the feasibility of site cleanup efforts. 


Our Englobe specialists will accompany you every step of the way to make sure your investments in site rehabilitation are timely and effective.  

Restoring or decommissioning your site requires targeted and specific action. We have the expertise and innovation to help you make the best decisions. 


Site remediation (soil, groundwater, sediment) 


How and why you decontaminate a site depends on multiple factors. Englobe’s remediation specialists can help you navigate the options and develop a project-specific solution. Our team of environmental engineers has extensive experience in designing and implementing remediation programs to address soil, groundwater, surface water, and sediment contamination.  


First, we carefully evaluate specific site conditions and contaminant type. We then apply our expertise to recommending a broad range of technologies, such as soil washing, chemical in situ injections, excavation and removal, vapour extraction, as well as risk management measures.  


The team’s full spectrum of site remediation services also includes feasibility studies, costing, contaminant characterization, sampling, and site supervision services.  


Deconstruction, decommissioning and demolition consulting  


For more than two decades, our Englobe team has managed and delivered engineering and environmental services with a strong focus on sustainable, green deconstruction methods. We are passionate about diverting as much construction and demolition waste as possible from landfills. With our emphasis on sustainability, our team favours environmentally-friendly, selective deconstruction techniques that emphasize the reuse or recycling of materials. 


We also take pride in supporting clients through every stage of their demolition projects - from specifications and project design, feasibility studies and costing, and contractor tendering and selection, to onsite monitoring, verification of waste management, post-deconstruction assessments, and more. 


Whether you ’re returning your site to its original state or preparing it for sale or new usage, the Englobe team is experienced, passionate and dedicated to your needs.  

Limiting and planning waste management is critical to true sustainability. We have the team to support your goals and exceed your expectations.  


Englobe’s professional team of engineers, geoscientists, scientists, project managers, technologists and technicians work closely with clients to develop custom approaches to handling contaminants and waste management. Each tailored solution also addresses government requirements at all levels, as well as financial, technical, social, and environmental needs, to create a holistic methodology that’s truly sustainable and unique. 


From understanding waste generation, planning and selecting sites and land use, and securing approvals and permits, to ensuring compliance with all regulatory standards and designing landfills with the natural environment and cultural impacts in mind, we can support your waste management efforts with precise, rigorous advice that addresses your every need.  

We’re with you every step of the way.

Englobe’s cutting-edge expertise in soils, materials and environmental engineering are at the very heart of our mission. In partnering with us, clients will see our passion for the environment, and our concern about building a sustainable legacy, come to life.  

The opportunity to work on projects like this, in amazing settings and with truly unique challenges, are why I joined Englobe.
Brandon MacKay, Project Manager, Environment
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