Moved by sustainability

Protecting our groundwater resources has become increasingly important – and current regulations reflect this concern. Our seasoned team of scientists and engineers will help you remain compliant while also preserving one of our most precious natural resources.

Sustainable management of groundwater resources is one of the many complex first steps in any project – and influences much of what comes next.

At Englobe, our experienced team of hydrogeology experts will help clarify the exploitation and extraction of this resource. With our technical savvy and decades of experience, we will support you in making effective decisions through every project phase, while protecting this vital natural resource.

years of experience

in supporting infrastructure, mining, environmental remediation, and urban development clients to overcome groundwater management challenges.

of providing practicable technical solutions

to groundwater challenges, from the Arctic circle to Niagara Falls.

Fields of Expertise

The first step is always fact-finding. Our team can ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decisions for your project.


Our experienced team can oversee all hydrogeological drilling and the necessary management steps it entails. These include interpreting borehole geophysics to delineate aquifers, geological logging of drill cuttings and core samples, installing and monitoring down-hole instrumentation, onsite testing, long- and short-term hydraulic pumping tests, and field percolation testing.

Our team will accompany you through every phase of the complex permitting process.


With our team’s experience, you will be supported every step of the way – from gathering data and preparing your permit application to communicating with the permitting agency. We are here to ensure the process goes smoothly. We can facilitate obtaining permits to extract water as well as certificates of approval for water, waste, air, and noise emissions, dewatering and Fisheries Act authorizations, federal and provincial species at risk/endangered species permitting, etc.

Our team of hydrogeology experts can also evaluate and interpret aquifer test data, design, install and optimize dewatering and drinking water production wells, provide yield predictions and pumping impact analyses, rehabilitate existing wells and design local and regional groundwater management plans.

Our hydrogeology team is skilled in replicating the groundwater environment using the most powerful and sophisticated software to predict the potential variabilities in water quality, groundwater flow, contaminant movement, and surface water / groundwater interactions by incorporating natural uncertainty considerations. Our modelling services include the simulation or replication of groundwater environment involving the aquifer characterization, construction and mine dewatering, groundwater and surface water interactions, as well as remedial strategies.


Other studies include geochemical source term and reactive transport studies, design of sampling and monitoring networks, and development of environmental decommissioning strategies.

Sustainable development is a core value at Englobe. Let our experts guide you along the way.  


Our team of knowledgeable toxicologists, biologists, engineers, geologists and chemists offers original solutions and innovative alternatives to traditional management methods for contaminated environments. We’ll work closely with you to create expert, tailored studies covering all potential risks to human health and the environment. These include evaluations and sampling for dangerous chemicals, radiation and pathogens in air, water, soil, sediments and living organisms.  


Once these have been identified, our team can support you throughout the remediation process, build environmental models, and create custom training programs for your project team. Our team can also alleviate the stress of managing asbestos contamination on your site. Our thorough process – which ranges from site investigation and risk assessment to solution implementation – will help you appropriately manage the risks posed by the presence of asbestos in soil. 

We’re with you every step of the way.

The Englobe team cares deeply about the health of our ecosystems as well as the integrity of our client projects. You are committed to safeguarding the world’s precious water resources while moving your development forward. These common interests and objectives make Englobe a great fit and a natural choice for any project.


We have assembled the expert, passionate hydrogeology team to support you along every step of this complex journey. We will provide you with the rigorous data you need to navigate this often complex process. We will also make sure you have the precise information you need to make the right decisions - for your project, its stakeholders, and the environment.

Englobe provides practical and client-oriented solutions that exceed client’s expectations and meets regulatory requirements.
Sonny Sundaram, Senior Hydrogeologist