Behind the Scenes of Green Energy

Did you know that building a dam or solar farm always begins with a set of special geotechnical, engineering and environmental studies? As such, at Englobe, we’ve developed an unparalleled expertise and a wide range of services in the field of clean and renewable energy.

Over the past few decades, we’ve invested greatly in hydro, solar and wind energy because we believe they’re essential to community well-being and environmental protection. In addition, we offer our clients and partners a holistic approach that allows us to orchestrate the various stages of each project in a coherent and fluid manner. 


Winds of Change 

The last two decades have seen unprecedented upheaval in the energy sector. Regulations have changed in an effort to reduce or even eliminate impacts on the environment. Companies are increasingly having to find alternative ways to meet their energy needs and are turning to renewable sources such solar and wind power as a solution. Industry stakeholders from owners to investors are facing enormous challenges. But such challenges are also opportunities to innovate. And Englobe—combining a mastery of emerging energy technologies with dedication to the environment— provides new sustainable and forward-looking solutions. 


Englobe’s Holistic Approach 

Extensive experience and technical skills are deployed at each phase of a project to maintain a consistent overall vision. Our clients can expect integrated services with high added value in terms of geotechnical, materials and environmental engineering as well as quality management. 


We support all stakeholders to find optimal solutions throughout the project life cycle.  Right from the design stage, we offer them the best solutions and materials regarding reliability and sustainability. From there, our we ensure the integrity and quality control of the materials used, monitor the manufacturing of the equipment at the factory in numerous countries and supervise the work at the installation on site. At every stage, we carry out our interventions in accordance with specific international standards, use specialized equipment and instruments, and draw on the most advanced skills and expertise. We also provide follow-up and technical assistance for onsite equipment installation. In other words, we’re there every step of the way. 


Hydroelectricity: A force of nature 

Our expertise runs from hydroelectric plants to spillways, dams, reservoirs, power lines and substations. It covers all the essential project stages—from preliminary studies, construction and operation to reconstruction or decommissioning. Englobe also uses its expertise in the monitoring and instrumentation of these structures to ensure their durability and safety. That kind of expertise has earned us an enviable reputation throughout North America. 



Carrying out large-scale projects means leaving nothing to chance. We have to create value for our clients down to the last detail. Get this— We even offer specialized services for aquatic ecosystems, with teams ready to go quickly into the field at the slightest need.

François Santerre, Senior Vice-President, Geotechnical, Materials and Environment, Quebec

Solar and Wind Farms as Drivers of Change 

Solar energy has the wind in its sails. It’s clean, inexhaustible, and doesn’t emit greenhouse gases. We’ve been working with it since 2019. We’re present at each phase, offering services ranging from analysis of alternatives and risk management to feasibility and design studies, quality control and construction monitoring. In the last 2 years alone, Englobe has helped delivered 13 solar farm projects in Canada.  


We’ve injected a holistic vision, a global view that opens up great prospects for the future. Simultaneously, since 1998, we’ve developed a leading expertise in the study and delivery of wind farms. Our studies quality assurance and control and construction oversight services have been used in more than 50 wind farms across the country. We’re constantly developing new expertise, putting it to work on project after project. 


Transferring our knowledge across Englobe's service offering 

Englobe cultivates cooperation in its work with communities, clients and internal teams. Working together gives us the power to make a difference. 


We’ve found that when we share new ideas or cutting-edge technologies, everybody wins. So what was the solution for a solar farm, for example, could play a key role in the development of public infrastructure or the design of an energy-efficient home. In other words, recycling applies to more than just materials. Whatever the project or field, our primary objective is to build a sustainable legacy for future generations. 


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