Collaboration with First Nations Peoples in our northern projects

June 30, 2021

Englobe has been working with northern Indigenous communities for over 30 years. Whether it is through our expertise in the maintenance and construction of new, or through our achievements in environmental remediation, Englobe works closely with Indigenous people in the realization of these northern projects.By developing meaningful partnerships with Indigenous organizations and maximizing the employment of local communities on these projects, Englobe is proud to support dynamic and First Nations communities.


Englobe regularly collaborates with Indigenous communities across Canada, including:

  • Innu (Qc)
  • Lutselk’e Dene First Nation (NWT)
  • Eeyou Istchee (Qc)
  • Innu (Labrador)
  • Sahtu Dene and Metis (NWT)
  • Cree First Nations (On and Qc)
  • Inuit (Nunavik and NT)
  • Gwich’in (NWT and YT)
  • Huron Wendat (Qc)
  • Ojibwe (On)
  • Inuvialuit (Nt)
  • Kaska Dene (BC and YT)

As part of our northern project portfolio, Englobe is committed to facilitating the participation of Indigenous people on their treaty and traditional lands. Training and mentoring programs are part of our vision for sustainable development and local capacity building. Over the years, Englobe is proud to have contributed to the professional development of hundreds of Indigenous employees. In addition to providing project-specific technical training, we ensure that a strong health and safety culture is established through in-house training including risk management, first aid in remote areas, and hazardous materials management, all in a meaningful and respectful manner toward the community.

Englobe is recognized as Canada’s leader in the fields of environmental management, engineering, and asset integrity and quality management.

  • The support of dwelling construction
  • Participation in sustainable development initiatives such as the Geothermal System Implementation Project to reduce dependence on diesel in remote communities
  • The creation of several sustainable partnerships with Indigenous businesses and organizations.


Englobe values and respects the traditional knowledge of its Indigenous collaborators and prioritizes regular meetings and consultations to allow for better communication and understanding of project impacts on communities. Englobe is also committed to supporting communities in several important cultural initiatives, including the annual Sahtu Dene and Metis youth walk on their ancestral lands on the Canol Trail in the Northwest Territories.


Englobe’s success in its northern projects is possible because of the collaboration and participation of Indigenous staff. Englobe’s work in First Nations communities is all about developing long-term human and cultural relationships, which is why Englobe will continue to support Northern Indigenous communities and value their participation and commitment to our projects.

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