Engineering excellence on display in Atlantic Canada

November 19, 2021

Englobe’s Atlantic team continues to improve lives and communities right across the East Coast. Our team worked on two important infrastructure projects which were recently recognized for engineering excellence!


Harvey Lake: clean water for everyone


In Harvey Lake, New Brunswick, a small community southwest of Fredericton, Phase 2 of the sewer extension and upgrade project is currently under way .


Our team is working on the design and installation of a central sewer collection system that collects and diverts effluents from nearly 60 residences along the west side of Harvey Lake to a central treatment facility. Work on this project was complex, with the project team overcoming multiple challenges involving the region’s topography, elevation changes, a high water table, a rail crossing, and a force main over 2,800 metres long, including one 200-metre section that passes through solid granite.


Despite these challenges, the work is continuing , and local lake residents and the nearby community of Harvey are already reaping the benefits of our work. Residents report that the local water quality has improved significantly, and foul odours have greatly diminished.

Bedford Highway: a safe roadway for all users


In the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), our team submitted final preliminary designs for one of the region’s most important transportation corridors.


As HRM’s first Strategic Corridor Study that integrated transportation with land use planning, the Bedford Highway functional design project examined ways to improve safety for all users of this 12-km roadway, and give it a more defined look, feel, and function. Our client was also eager for a design that encourages a “modal shift” away from personal vehicles and toward more sustainable transportation options like walking, cycling, and public transit.


Our team’s final preliminary designs feature dedicated transit lanes, a multi-use pathway and various pedestrian safety measures. By providing a broader variety of travel modes, these designs would also remove roughly 500 vehicles/day from the corridor, resulting in a decrease in CO2 emissions of up to 500 tonnes/year.


HRM was so impressed with our team’s work that it retained Englobe to complete the 60% design for the corridor’s first four-km stretch.


Thanks to our entire team, our subconsultants – Upland and IBI Group, and the HRM team for a collaborative success!

Making a tangible difference in our local communities


Both of these infrastructure projects were recently honoured with Engineering Excellence Awards from the New Brunswick Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC-NB). These awards celebrate exemplary consulting engineering services and spotlight the valuable contributions of New Brunswick’s consulting engineers on a local, national, and international scale.


Our Atlantic team’s efforts are making a real difference in the lives of local residents – from bustling Halifax to little Harvey Lake! We’re proud and humbled to have achieved this prestigious recognition from the ACEC-NB. On behalf of everyone at Englobe, congratulations to the team for your outstanding work!

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