Englobe UK won the RoSPA Gold Award

Englobe are pleased to announce that as team, we have won for the 8th year in a row, the ROSPA Gold award for our health and safety performance.

Throughout the 2022 ROSPA Gold application, collaborative work was undertaken with various members of the SMT, Project Managers and site teams to achieve our 8th ROSPA gold award in a row! Here’s how we did it!


Initially, health & Safety statistics from previous years were compared with 2021 figures, highlighting positive effects of continually developing risk management tactics utilised on site and beyond by all members of staff.


Differences in H&S communications and internal training since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic were provided, showing how this has affected corporative involvement in the UK for the better, allowing for proof of adaptability.


Company-wide SHEQ recognition was prevalent throughout the application, with much more involvement of members of staff from the wider business involving STF staff, admin and SMT input.


Rebranding and update of existing documents to reflect name changes were among some of the most time-consuming processes involved in the 2022 application, again, many staff members from all sectors of the UK business helped the efficacy of the application.


Any potential weaknesses were highlighted throughout the development of the 2022 application and notes made for further development within these areas throughout the year, in preparation for 2023's output.


Incorporation of new SHEQ management and HR tools such as Fieldview and Dayforce were detailed throughout, showing consistent innovation, and streamlining of pre-existing systems.


IMS objectives and targets for 2022 were featured throughout, and push towards wider staff-understanding of systems in place shown.


Internal training of SEATS / SMSTS incorporated into regimes shown throughout the application accentuates the company's drive and commitment to a highly prudent workforce with regards to health, safety and environment.


A big thank you to all our colleagues for achieving this prestigious award!

Englobe is one of Canada’s premier firms specializing in professional engineering services, environmental sciences, and soil and biomass treatment.