In the Field with Jon Gauthier: Constructing a Project Manager

Welcome to a day in the life of Jon Gauthier, a project manager working in the ever-growing construction industry of Calgary, AB. Working on the Materials team, Jon specializes in providing quality testing services to various clients and contractors in the region.

His day-to-day activities are diverse and involve everything from site inspections for progress reports to issuing invoices, compiling compaction reports, and managing teams onsite at different projects.

He loves the flexibility his job offers, from working out of the main office in Calgary to having the option of occasionally working from home. He’s also part of the Calgary office’s Health and Safety team which gives him the opportunity to help ensure that team members are provided with all the resources they need to stay safe while on site.

Jon's journey did not begin as a project manager. He started his Englobe career as a technician, working diligently on the ground, learning the ins and outs of the construction industry, and gaining firsthand experience on how to manage various technical situations.  This hands-on experience not only gave him a deep understanding of the work, but also equipped him with the skills needed to effectively manage teams and projects. “This has proven to be a great challenge and created a steep learning curve. It has made the transition into project management difficult at times, but to that I said, challenge accepted."

Over time, Jon's hard work, commitment and knack for problem-solving did not go unnoticed, leading to his evolution into the role of a project manager. This transition, though challenging at times, was one that Jon embraced with open arms, seeing it as an opportunity to leverage his technical expertise at a larger scale and make a bigger impact in the industry. Plus, he feels grateful to have had plenty of support along the way, owing a large portion of his technical knowledge to his previous Team Lead, Vlad Jovanovic. “He recognized and acknowledged my strengths and weaknesses. He helped me understand many difficult situations and always made the time to make sure I understood not just the solution to the problem at hand, but how to solve similar problems in the future by teaching me concepts and the right questions to ask depending on the situation.”

Jon has always loved a challenge and finds it rewarding to be able to come up with solutions to unforeseen problems that may arise onsite. He also enjoys the variety of tasks and duties he is assigned; no two days are the same for him. “I really enjoy the diversity of the tasks I need to perform and the day-to-day scheduling freedom. Aside from scheduled meetings and any emergencies that may come up that involves a site visit, I can work through my tasks on my time and schedule.”

From starting out as a technician and now flourishing as a project manager, Jon Gauthier's journey is one of hard work and dedication. With a role that is different every day and filled with challenges that keep him on his toes, Jon continues to thrive in his role and inspire others to do the same.


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