Fostering a culture of appreciation and creativity

At Englobe, we embrace the value of small gestures and recognize that every undertaking, regardless of its scale, holds the potential to create a positive impact.

Every year we celebrate our team members with an internal awards program – highlighting the people who go above and beyond to make a difference in their teams. From investing in sustainable trophies to commissioning an expressive painting, these awards help us to live out Englobe’s values.

We partnered with Indigenous artist Angela Jason to create a custom art piece for one of our award winners.

Meet Starbeam Woman, Angela Jason

Angela is an Ojibwe Artist from Sheshegwaning First Nation located on Manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario, Canada. 

Interested in various forms of artwork from beading to dance for her whole life, Angela’s love for canvas painting has grown and developed into what is now her main creative focus. Pouring her love for plants, nature, and her community into each piece, she brings a unique feminine twist to a traditional woodland style of painting.  

Touched by our values, Angela was inspired to create a beautiful piece that features both nature and humanity very carefully interwoven. Everything from the bright colours, to way the elder’s face is partly hidden, the piece visually presents giving ideas life, daring to follow through on our dreams. 

When speaking about the piece, Angela says it represents personal growth, and the beauty that can be realized when we allow our ideas and dreams to guide us.

You can learn more about Angela and her passion for creativity and art here.

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