Nurturing a more diverse and inclusive workplace at Englobe

At Englobe, we’ve always understood that our outstanding team sets us apart. We have a great people-first culture where we learn, grow, and look out for one another, and strong shared values that include caring for our communities, our clients and the environment.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that we recognize and value diversity - in the broadest sense of the word.


Gathering information directly from the source

This is why we recently launched a voluntary self-identification process for our employees. This secure, confidential form notes an employee’s gender, race, ethnicity and disability status, as well as other aspects of their identity.

"At Englobe, we firmly believe that we are better together. Diversity makes us stronger. To be successful, we must work hand in hand with the communities around us," notes Marie-France Lavallée, Senior Vice-President of Human Resources, Communications and Marketing at Englobe. “The self-identification process will give us a clear picture of who these communities are, and will help direct our efforts to ensure everyone feels included and valued.”

Diversity makes good business and human sense 

It’s no secret that having a diverse and inclusive workforce makes good business sense. As a company operating in an industry where creative problem-solving is critical, Englobe’s ability to tap into a wide variety of worldviews and experiences can result in new, unexplored, and different ideas and solutions. In turn, this ability often positively impacts our bottom line.

 However, there’s even greater value in nurturing a work environment where every employee feels seen, heard and understood. This value is the foundation of a strong team culture and a sense of cohesiveness and solidarity. 

“We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, but we can always do more,” Marie-France concludes. “It’s a work in progress.”

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