Turning words into actions: our work with Demix at the Laval quarry

Respecting and preserving the environment are two core values that guide all Englobe’s actions. That’s why we are proud of the work we’re doing with Demix at the Laval quarry.

A holistic approach focused on resource reuse  

At Englobe, we turn our vision of “Designing a sustainable future, one project at a time” into concrete actions that have an impact on natural and human ecosystems. Our partner Demix is working toward the same goal by restoring its quarries and turning them into sites that meet the needs of local communities.  


The Laval quarry’s new soil treatment centre—the result of close collaboration between the two companies—is an innovative solution that addresses several issues through a holistic approach to environmental impact management. Together, our two organizations worked to ensure that each project component helped reduce the overall footprint, both locally and beyond.  


Soil management in service of site restoration  

Excavations in the south sector of the Laval quarry came to an end in the 1990s. Demix customers now dump soil there that’s used as fill as part of the ongoing restoration process. In strict compliance with regulatory standards, only clean soils (Grade A/AB) with seamless traceability from source to place of reception are accepted.  


The quarry’s new soil treatment centre provides onsite treatment for soil that can’t be used as is. That’s where Englobe comes in with its biopile process—a cornerstone of the company’s internationally recognized expertise—to treat the soil. Demix can then use those processed materials in many ways. The treatment centre itself was built entirely out of recycled aggregates, giving a second life to many different types of materials, and thereby adhering to the principles of a circular economy.  


This type of project reflects Englobe and Demix’s hard work to integrate improved infrastructure for the management, treatment and reclamation of contaminated soils and other waste materials. We are successfully demonstrating that these materials can be transformed into products that can replace non-renewable resources.  


Proximity and efficiency for a reduced impact  

From an environmental standpoint, one of the great advantages of the Laval quarry’s soil treatment centre is its location. It is the first of its kind to be built north of the Island of Montreal, near many major construction sites. For Demix customers transporting loads, the site’s proximity prevents unnecessary trips. Drivers can unload their contaminated or uncontaminated soil on site and leave with a full load of stone from the active part of the quarry.  


The configuration has an enormous environmental impact, preventing 5,000 truck crossings on bridges in the Montreal region. The result is an annual reduction in GHG emissions equivalent to burning 35,000 litres of diesel.  



An essential social dimension  

In addition to its environmental impact, the joint project between Englobe and Demix has a social component whose importance cannot be overstated. It reflects Demix’s commitment to restore the Laval quarry site—which occupies 1.7 million m2 (17.8 million ft.2)—for the benefit of the community. The soil treatment centre will contribute to the restoration of the site, the purpose of which will be determined with all the relevant stakeholders. 


Working on these types of projects with like-minded partners, Englobe continues to build strong ties and master all the details to have a positive impact on the world.  


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