Working with Walters UK, Englobe delivered the enabling works at the former Whiteheads Steelworks in the centre of Newport in South Wales.

In collaboration with Walters UK, Englobe delivered a full Design and Construct remediation service, including development, design and regulatory agreement of the detailed remediation work.


Englobe worked closely with Walters UK to support the enabling works on the former Whiteheads Steelworks and deliver a Design and Construct remediation service that required regulatory oversight, excavation control, management, reuse and offsite disposal of materials. Working with Newport City Council (NCC) and Natural Resources Wales (NRW), Englobe designed and agreed the remediation requirements, before undertaking excavating and segregating contaminated materials and preparing artificial hard materials for reuse under the CL:aire Code of Practice (link).


Further work included the bio-treatment of hydrocarbon impacted soils for re-use on the site and impact water and the management and offsite disposal of soils impacted with licensed asbestos, meeting the 2012 Control of Asbestos Regulations. Englobe revaluated and re-designed the existing remediation design, which enabled the development of a pragmatic, achievable and cost-effective solution for the site allowing for a high degree of reuse of the site won materials.

Englobe is one of Canada’s premier firms specializing in professional engineering services, environmental sciences, and soil and biomass treatment.


The key challenge for Englobe was to ensure that the site was chemically verified for proposed future development - predominantly residential development with public open space, landscaping, a school and commercial premises. This involved meeting the remediation strategy and any conditions and restrictions applied by the planning or regulatory authorities and the specific requirements of the future development works.  


Furthermore, full environmental monitoring including noise, dust, vapours and odour had to be undertaken, as a matter of course, along with the provisions of an Environmental Permit for the management and treatment of the contaminated soil and water. Englobe deployed its strong track-record to successfully work with regulators and Walters UK to deliver this Design and Construct service and developed a complete works package to address the complex issues of the project at this former steelworks.


Risk was managed by:

  • Englobe’s full-spectrum capabilities enabled the whole design to be delivered by this contractor.
  • Strong, early and consistent regulator engagement ensured the timely provision of environmental permits and agreements.
  • An ability to innovate and offer a complete works package to address the complex challenges and issues of this project, along with the use of in-house remediation equipment and plant.  

No reported health and safety or other incidents during the project lifetime. 



Contract Start Date: November 2015

Completion date: June 2017

Contract Value:  £608,077