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Noise & Vibration Monitoring

Monitoring vibration and noise around your project and construction site s protect your workers, your neighbours, and the built environment. Using highly reliable monitoring equipment and networks, Englobe ensures your project complies with ground vibration and noise abatement regulations.

Our team of vibration and noise monitoring experts specialize in identifying and solving challenges caused by construction, mining, quarrying, blasting and demolition activities.
We help mitigate risks to your infrastructure projects by monitoring ground conditions such as soil deformation, displacements, and groundwater levels for investigative, prefeasibility - or monitoring, assessment and verification purposes. Our sensitive onsite/remote geotechnical and structural instrumentation is suitable for urban and rural projects.
Reliable, expert consulting for over 25 years.

Through rigorous consulting services and monitoring equipment rental/purchase options, our team brings a quarter-century of expertise to protect your project’s long-term viability.

Vibration and Noise Monitoring

We work with clients to identify monitoring solutions that best address their unique project needs and risk management. We deliver onsite/remote vibration, overpressure and noise monitoring services. For rentals and sales, our qualified team provides 24/7 data processing and interpretation support. 


From controlling noise to improving the building acoustics, the Englobe team has all the experience and expertise needed to advise and assist its clients by providing solutions related to sound engineering, noise impact assessments and environmental noise control.

Our acoustic engineering experts constantly strive to reduce the costs of implementing measures to reduce noise and modify infrastructure when required.

Every project presents unique parameters so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Solving instrumentation & monitoring problems isn’t taught in school; it’s learned through experience.
Eric Gagne, Technical Director, Instrumentation

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