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At Englobe, our people clean energy consultants know how to combine technical knowledge with a passion for the environment and a penchant for emerging and renewable energy technologies and sources. Together, we can help you transform current challenges into opportunities to build long-term value and minimize the environmental impact of your projects.

Our team stands ready to deliver a full range of services in the energy sector.

We’re dedicated to supporting our clients’ every need – whether for ad hoc energy consulting or more comprehensive turnkey project implementation services. With our team’s relentless focus on protecting the natural environment and human health, we work collaboratively with our clients to develop innovative, sustainable solutions that meet their specific project needs. 

years of experience

delivering project-based services for a variety of energy sectors.

Fields of Expertise

Clean, efficient and accessible energy sources are essential to every community’s well-being. Our diverse, innovative solutions will help you keep the lights on.


For over 55 years, Englobe has been active in the hydropower sector, offering its clients a broad range of integrated geotechnical, materials and environmental engineering services. Using our support services and work, our clients are able to implement optimal hydropower solutions throughout a project’s life cycle. 


Our expertise translates to powerhouses and spillways, dams and reservoirs as well as power lines and substations through feasibility, construction, operations and reconstruction and decommissioning phases. Processes include seismic analysis, evaluation of soil liquefaction potential and soil improvement, hydraulic modelling in 1D, 2D and 3D as well as the enhancement and development of aquatic habitats. 


The quality and integrity of our clients’ assets include manufacturing quality assurance and control of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment, as well as structural steel and treated wood components. As well, we provide troubleshooting and technical assistance during equipment installation on site.


We enjoy a solid reputation in North America, in such areas as supervision, expert opinions, quality control for plant manufacturing, studies and testing in all areas of company activities, geotechnical investigations related to power line transmission or construction, and expansion of power stations of all sizes. We are particularly experienced in hydroelectric development, soil treatment and contaminated site remediation. 


In addition, we rely on the expertise of our experienced team of aquatic ecosystem specialists, who can quickly get boots on the ground if required. 


We also offer dam safety evaluation and development of upgrading schedules, environmental monitoring including aquatic fauna and habitats and vegetation and wetlands, as well as estimation of net and gross GHG emissions. Using visual and non-destructive means (ground-penetrating radar, ultrasonic tomography, half-cell surveys), we ensure the inspection of concrete structures, supervision of underwater inspection and inspection using submersible cameras. 


The quality and integrity of our clients’ assets include manufacturing quality assurance and control of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment, as well as structural steel and treated wood components. As well, we provide troubleshooting and technical assistance during equipment installation on site. 


Our team holds many relevant certifications, including OHSAS 18001, an internationally-recognized standard for occupational health and safety.


Englobe has been providing a broad range of services to the Oil and Gas industry since the 1970s. Our team has successfully completed hundreds of multidisciplinary projects in the oil and gas sector. Our diverse range of services provides clients with effective, competitive solutions tailored for their specific projects.  


The Oil and Gas industry as a strictly regulated industry faces major challenges. One such a challenge is certainly to conform to different municipal, provincial and federal regulations, and analyze their impacts on the entire spectrum of activities, from pre-construction to site closure. Using our professional services and experience, we guide our clients in the management of their activities by minimizing the number of service providers on a project, and by suggesting innovative, sustainable approaches. We prepare and manage hearings and memorandums, draft presentations, negotiate with stakeholders and establish community, media and government relations.  


In addition to consulting services, we also characterize human environments and conduct perception and sensitivity studies. We offer specialized soil/groundwater treatment technologies, such as our proprietary salt treatment process. Our skilled Tanknology team has the knowhow to perform tank construction quality assurance inspections according to the API 650 standard and above-ground storage tank inspections (API 653). Meter calibration, soil characterization, spill response as well as cathodic protection and coating application inspections, are all part of our operations and maintenance offerings.  


We offer geotechnical engineering skills as part of the feasibility stage including detailed engineering, preparation of plans and specifications, earthworks stability studies and risk analyses with respect to earthquakes (seismic analyses, evaluation of soil liquefaction potential and soil improvement). Englobe also facilitates the authorization and social acceptability process as well as attenuation, compensation and valorization. 


In terms of Construction, Englobe can facilitate the request of permits and authorization certificates, perform toxicological and ecotoxicological risk analyses and materials testing for the foundation of access roads and reservoirs. 


As for site closures, we ensure the design, construction and operation of contaminated soil and oily sludge treatment and storage facilities, environmental QA inspection and restoration of surface oil as well as monitoring post-closure. This process includes remediation and decommissioning plans, asbestos, lead and mould management, site decontamination and remediation, in situ and ex situ technologies, dig and dump, treatability studies and pilot tests. 



Englobe has been providing custom-tailored services for the mining sector since the 1990s and offers its clients a broad range of integrated geotechnical, materials and environmental engineering services. 


The mining sector constantly faces numerous challenges with regards to responsible and efficient mineral extraction. Using our support services and work, our clients are able to implement optimal mining solutions throughout a mine project's life cycle. 


Our Englobe team’s offering consists of a broad range of integrated development and operations services such as geotechnical engineering, environmental liability management, environmental studies and services, feasibility studies, work supervision and material control as well as site closure and remediation. Tailings deposit design optimization, characterization, dike inspection and industrial effluent environmental effects monitoring (EEEM) are all part of our robust offering as are metals and corrosion engineering including manufacturing supervision, steel structure inspection and mechanical and chemical destructive testing. 


We offer innovative services on projects involving replanting of waste rock piles and in situ treatment of contaminated materials. Given our team’s expertise in recovery and replanting, developers, operators and local and Indigenous communities can be confident we’ll take charge of all environmental aspects of their projects. 


Our professionals can also perform comprehensive environmental assessments upstream of the project development phase, as well as follow-ups and monitoring during operations or post-operation, rehabilitation and closure. 


We're with you every step of the way.

Energy powers every aspect of human life. Our team can support you in making sustainable decisions for your energy project. 

With the regulatory and environmental challenges facing the energy sector today, owners and developers require authoritative counsel to ensure their projects meet all requirements, operate safely, and continue to deliver value over the long term. 

At Englobe, our team is ready to provide this counsel. With over five decades of practical experience and a passion for sustainability, our people have the skills and expertise our clients need to meet every challenge and build for the future. 



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