The environment has been to the focus of our work, right from day one. No matter what kind of issues or challenges you face, our multidisciplinary teams will analyze the situation and then switch to solution mode. We take pride in being a one-stop shop for outside-the-box solutions.


Around the world, our reputation precedes us for our work in environmental engineering, acoustics, geomatics, aquatic environments and contaminated land and buildings.

Our Englobe team has always been passionate about its role as an environmental steward. From the High Arctic tundra to deep Western Canadian mines, we have supported countless clients with innovative environmental solutions that protect human health and ecology.

At Englobe, our dedicated and experienced multidisciplinary team enables us to assist our clients in addressing the challenges they face in terms of social acceptability and integration of their projects by providing them a variety of services and a comprehensive business approach in compliance with the regulations. 

Caring for the environment has become a pressing global concern. For investors, builders, and owners, this concern means that regardless of size, complexities around environmental protection and sustainability arise in every brownfield and greenfield project. Today, studies, policies, regulations, and legislation at all levels must be evaluated and meticulously followed to protect the soil, water, and air around us, as well as human, animal and ecosystem health.

Infrastructure, mining, environmental remediation and urban development projects require information about the occurrence and movement of groundwater. Hydrogeology is the study of groundwater - how it gets into the ground, how it flows through aquifers and how it interacts with the surrounding soil and rock.

For decades we’ve made it our business to tackle environmental challenges big and small. A growing share of those are climate-related.