Englobe has the expertise and processing facilities to responsibly manage some 2.7 million tonnes of soil and organic materials per year, which says it all.


The millions of dollars we’ve invested in R&D and infrastructure upgrades to be able to manage, treat and repurpose contaminated soils and organic materials speaks to our deep and abiding commitment to our work. We firmly believe that these materials can and should be converted into products that offer an alternative to non-renewable resources. Now that’s leaving a tangible, sustainable impact!


A pioneer in the business of composting, Englobe helps beautify our living environments by transforming organic waste produced by our communities, historically sent to the landfill, into compost. 

For over 10 years, Englobe has been actively contributing to the restoration of degraded sites, such as mine heaps, quarries and sandpits, landfills, roadsides and brownfields.

For over 35 years, the team at Englobe has been working with agricultural producers every day to improve soil health, increase crop yields and, ultimately, make their businesses more profitable by providing alternative products with recognized attributes.

Since 1993, Englobe has worked in the field of contaminated soil management and treatment. We play a leading role in protecting our living environments by facilitating consistent and definitive soil management. Our company, a pioneer in its field, has developed an integrated approach that allows us to offer pragmatic solutions to the complex challenges associated with soil contamination. Our treatment centres offer simple, fast and compliant options for managing excavated contaminated soils.